2019 Replacement Window Trends

Replacement Window Trends 2019

With a new year comes new replacement window trends.

2019 is almost here, and for many homeowners, this may be the year that they decide to replace their old windows. But replacement windows have changed over the last twenty years, and even over the last year itself. 2019 itself holds many replacement window trends, some continuing from previous years, while others may be new or a resurgence of old trends. If you’re looking for replacement windows in the next year, here are a few trends to keep in mind:

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has been a big buzz when it comes to replacement windows in the past few years, and it will be no less important in 2019. In today’s replacement window market, there’s really no reason not to have energy efficient windows. This means that they must be well-sealed and well-insulating, so that only a minimum amount of air leakage and heat loss is allowed, thus lowering your heating and cooling costs. The durability of the window is also important, which is why wood ultrex windows — such as those from Marvin’s Integrity Wood Ultrex line — are so coveted. While they have the look of wood on the interior, the exterior is made with Ultrex Fiberglass for ultimate durability, weather resistance, and yes, energy efficiency.

Dramatic Frames

In 2018, black window frames made quite the impression. They stand out and draw the eye to the window, offering a dramatic contrast to the light, airy views the window provides. While black might not always be the solution, window frames that make a statement are still likely to be a hit in 2019. This may be authentic wood window frames, or dark colors for the sake of contrast. It might be sleek white window frames with clean lines. Whatever your preference might be, your window frames shouldn’t fade into the background.

Colorful Curtains

Continuing the trend of enhancing the look of your window with dramatic surroundings, dramatic window treatments are also predicted to be popular in 2019. The goal is to draw the eye to the window and all the sunlight and views provided there. With a great view, the eye might naturally be drawn to the window. However, the right curtains can certainly help, and add an element of style on days when the windows need to be closed. Deep blue or red curtains, or curtains with a fun pattern, are much more interesting to look at than plain white window blinds, after all.

What replacement window trends are you most looking forward to in 2019? When it comes to finding the right window, Jancewicz & Son can help. Contact us today for more information or a free quote.

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