3 Different Materials For Your Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows Massachusetts

Are you looking for affordability and a sleek, smooth look? Maybe you want the elegance of wood with more weather resistance than what’s usually offered by wood. Windows come in all different types of materials, and the right answer depends on you and your Massachusetts home. At Jancewicz & Son, we offer the best replacement windows on the market, chiefly in three different materials: vinyl, fiberglass, and wood ultrex. Which one is right for you? Let’s break them down…


Vinyl windows are typically the most affordable option on the market, both in terms of upfront product costs and energy efficiency. They have excellent thermal resistance and they’re durable with low maintenance. However, not all vinyl is equal and cheap vinyl won’t offer many benefits to your home. Fortunately, we offer high quality vinyl from Marvin Windows in a number of styles to suit your home — whatever the design! Besides their energy efficiency and low maintenance nature, vinyl windows have a sleek modern look that appeals to many homeowners, making vinyl a popular choice.


Fiberglass is a more recent type of window material, but it’s already considered one of the best replacement window options. Eight times stronger than vinyl, Ultrex fiberglass, like the kind offered by Integrity, is one of the strongest materials available and easily withstands the storms of Massachusetts and New England as a whole. Fiberglass windows, too, retain a sleek look and come in a variety of styles. It’s typically more expensive than vinyl, but those who prefer fiberglass find this well worth the investment, especially in terms of unbeatable security and energy efficiency.

Wood Ultrex

There’s just no way to top the elegant look of wood, and that’s why so many homeowners still prefer wood replacement windows. Unfortunately, most wood windows simply don’t hold up to the moisture and temperature changes of New England for very long… at least not without constant maintenance. Because of this, many replacement window manufacturers have looked for ways to combine the look of wood with something more weather resistant and durable. Integrity offers a solution with their Wood Ultrex windows. Wood interior offers all the elegance you need while a fiberglass exterior reinforces the window, adding durability and ease of maintenance.

So which do you think makes for the best replacement windows? Contact Jancewicz & Son today for a free quote or more information on the right replacement window materials for you!

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