3 Essential Roof Preparation Tips For Winter

Ice on roof that was prepared for winter by Jancewicz Roofing

Winter can be the most disastrous time of year for your roof, if you don’t take steps to prepare it first. From ice dams and leaks to damage from winter storms to clogged roof gutters, the coldest months of the year can soon begin to take their toll on the roof that protects your home. But you can protect your roof by doing a little bit of maintenance in preparation for winter. Here are a few of the most essential roof preparation tips this winter:

Inspect and Repair Your Roof’s Surface

The last thing you want to worry about over the winter is a roof leak, but with the weight of snow storms, sleet, and hail, leaks can become all the more common. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a look at the surface of your roof before the snow becomes too heavy. Notice any missing or damaged shingles? Have those repaired right away so as to help protect your roof from leaks.

Your roof flashing can also be a major factor when it comes to leaks. Flashing is sheet metal that’s wrapped around any openings in your roof like roof vents. It can become loose over time, allowing water to slip under the surface and leak into the home. Before the winter weather becomes too heavy, make sure you inspect your roof flashing and tamp down anything that might be loose.

Clear Your Roof Gutters

Your roof gutters are your roof’s best friend….and a boon for the rest of your home. The role of roof gutters is to funnel water off the roof and away from the house, towards a downspout that redirects it away. But over fall and winter, roof gutters can become clogged, which means that water has nowhere to go but to stay on your roof or pour onto your foundational soil. In winter, this can be especially damaging because ice dams can form, damaging your roof with leaks in the long term.

Make sure to clear your roof gutters of leaves, branches, and other debris, and make sure there are no cracks or gashes. You might also trim back nearby trees to further help them from becoming too clogged.

Check Your Attic

Before you call it a day, make sure you check your attic. Go upstairs on a clear day and look up. Do you notice any strands of light breaking through the ceiling? That spells a leak in your roof that you’ll need to fix. Does it feel cold and drafty in your attic? You may need to reinforce it with added insulation or at least some kind of ventilation so that your attic can circulate the air that gets inside. This will not only help to keep your roof healthy through the winter, but will help to keep your home healthy and comfortable.

Need help to prepare your roof for winter? Maybe you need roof repairs or even to install a stronger replacement roof this year? Jancewicz & Son has over 85 years of experience in the area of roof repair and replacement in Vermont and Massachusetts. We are qualified and eager to help. Contact us today for more information or to get started with a free estimate.

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