3 Home Exterior Projects For When You’re Ready to Sell

3 Home Exterior Projects For When You’re Ready to Sell

Are you ready to sell your home? The truth is most homeowners have to plan well in advance before selling their home, so that they have time to get it in the best shape possible before they list it. You’ll want to go through home improvements inside and out in order to get your house in shape and make it competitive on the housing market. When it comes to home exterior projects, here are a few jobs you can tackle to make your house someone else’s dream home:

Replacement Siding

Your siding plays a key role when it comes to your home’s curb appeal. It’s one of the first things people see when they look at your home. So don’t let them see something outdated, chipped, warping, or faded. Replace your siding with vinyl, wood, or durable fiber cement siding that looks fresh and vibrant, drawing the eye. We even offer wood shake siding if you’re going for a different look to stand out from the other houses on the street.


Before you list your home, it’s essential that you have any roof repairs made — or opt for replacement roofing, if you want to fully give your home the boost it needs on the housing market. Without doing work on your roof, you’ll likely either have to lower your listing price or offer potential buyers a credit to have the roofing work done themselves. However, putting in the roofing work beforehand will raise your home value so you can ask for a higher listing price than you might have otherwise — especially if it’s a replacement roof.

New Windows

Whether you’re replacing old windows or having new windows installed, it’s a good idea to invest in new windows. Good windows will not only fill the room with attractive sunlight, but they’ll boost the energy efficiency of your home. You can enjoy outdoor views while paying less on your heating and cooling bills. At Jancewicz & Sons, we offer top performing windows from Marvin, including Marvin’s Integrity and Integrity Wood-Ultrex lines.

Need to fix your home’s exteriors and boost your curb appeal before you sell it? Contact Jancewicz & Son today for more information or a free estimate.

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