3 Reasons to Install Replacement Windows in Summer

3 Reasons to Install Replacement Windows in Summer

Is summer the best time of year to install replacement windows? Here are some of the benefits.

Summer is a popular time of year for any home improvement, with longer days and fairer weather. And one home improvement project that seems to be in high demand every summer, is replacement window installations. But what draws people to summer replacement window installations? Is it really the best time to have replacement windows installed?

The truth is, with the right contractor, any time of year can be a good time to install replacement windows. However, there are particular benefits to summer replacement window installations. Here are a few reasons to install replacement windows in the summer:

When You Need the Energy Efficiency Most

One reason to have replacement windows installed in the summer, is the energy efficiency they offer. Energy efficient windows help to keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low — cool in the summer and warm in the winter — by blocking air leakage, harmful UV rays, or indoor air from escaping outside. This is essential in summer, when hot weather can become intense and cause stuffy spots in your home. Energy efficient windows will keep your house comfortable without you having to crank the AC, and may even protect furniture and hardwood floors from harmful UV rays.

Perfect Weather for Replacement Windows

Summer also offers the perfect weather for home improvement projects like replacement window installation. It’s warm and sunny for long hours, so there are fewer interruptions and weather delays for the installation crew. While summer can have rain storms, they tend to come down hard and fast, so it’s unlikely that you’ll lose an entire day to rain delays. And once the replacement windows are installed, you can get the most of that natural sunlight that comes with summer weather.

Replacement Windows Serve as a Sound Barrier

Let’s face it, summer can be noisy. Kids are out of school and playing, lawn mowers are going, and all of that can be a little disruptive sometimes when you just want to have a quiet, peaceful day at home. However, the right replacement windows can help with that. Updated replacement windows often offer less sound penetration, so you have more privacy within your home — and more peace and quiet, most importantly.

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