3 Signs You Might Need New Entry Doors

Door Replacement in Massachusetts

Is it time to say goodbye to those old entry doors and hello to door replacement in Massachusetts?

Homeowners typically know when to replace their windows, but when was the last time you replaced your entry door? Entry doors not only help boost the insulation of your home, but provide your home’s first line of defense in terms of security. They’re also a big part of the first impression your home makes in terms of curb appeal. It’s important, then, to make sure that your door isn’t old or faulty, and if it is, to order a door replacement. But how can you know when it’s time? Here are a few helpful signs.

It’s Difficult to Open or Close

Walking in and out of your front door should be a simple matter, but if your door is in need of replacement, you may find yourself standing there for a few minutes, fiddling with the handle to open it or pulling to close it more securely. It could be a problem with a loose handle or it could be that the door has become swollen in time, something that’s especially common in wood entry doors. If you’re experiencing problems with opening and closing your doors, it’s time for a door replacement, perhaps with a sturdier option like Therma-Tru steel doors.

It’s Scratched Up, Faded, or Worn

Your front door makes a big impression to guests of your home and even those passing by. A bright color and new sheen can help your entire home appear fresh and inviting. If your front door looks neglected, however, it speaks to the rest of your home. No front door is built to last forever. If over the years, yours has accumulated scratches, dints, dings, or faded and peeling paint, it’s time for that door to go. Minor cosmetic issues can be fixed without a full door replacement, but as time goes on, they’ll become more and more common. That’s how you know it’s time for a new door.

You Feel a Draft In the Entryway

Does your home feel stuffy in the summer or chilly in the winter, no matter how much heating and cooling you use? If your door doesn’t have strong heat resistance or has air leaks, you’re likely to develop a draft that can make the entire home feel less comfortable, and can cause your heating and cooling bills to spike. A new entry door, with energy efficient features, will solve this problem and help to lower your energy bills, as well.

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