3 Ways to Style Your Custom Deck

3 Ways to Style Your Custom Deck

Make your custom deck truly your own.

When you hire Jancewicz & Son to install a deck for your home, you can trust that the end result won’t be some cookie cutter template. The decks we install are truly custom, based on the needs and preferences of the homeowners who order them. Your deck should be your perfect outdoor getaway, and that includes the custom features and style choices that you add to it. Need some help finding ideas for styling your deck? Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Add Some Shade

On long summer days, your deck can be the perfect place to hang out. However, the sun and the heat can be intense, which puts some off to spending too much time on the deck. That’s why it’s important to have areas of shade. Many homeowners choose to install an awning and to place most of the deck furniture under that. This way, you can enjoy the day without being subject to the harshest sunlight. A pergola or gazebo are also great options here, especially since unlike an awning, they can be installed anywhere on your deck.

Make Your Furniture Cozier

It’s a common misconception that indoor furniture can be cozy and warm while outdoor furniture is stiff and rugged. It’s true that outdoor furniture needs to use hardier materials so that it can stand up to outdoor elements. But there are a number of outdoor fabrics that are comfortable as well as durable. Don’t be afraid to add waterproof upholstered seating, like couches and pillows for extra plush and comfort. Your deck should not only be beautiful but cozy, a place where you find yourself wanting to be.

Widen the Steps

A traditional deck has the deck itself and a few steps towards the ground, usually about the width of steps inside your house or a little narrower, with railing on either side. Some decks, however, incorporate wider steps — sometimes the width of the whole deck — in order to create a more seamless effect. Wider steps can help your deck to blend in with the natural scenery around it. This works best for decks that are lower to the ground — usually just two or three steps above.

Your deck should fit your vision, not the vision of a deck installation company with an easy template. If you’re looking for a custom deck, look no further than Jancewicz & Son. Contact us today for more information or a free estimate.

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