4 Features That Will Make Your Norwich, VT Replacement Windows Secure

4 Features That Will Make Your Norwich, VT,
Replacement Windows More Secure 

Protect Your Home And Family With Secure
Replacement Window Options

The windows in your Norwich, VT, home could be a security issue – especially if your windows are old, rotted, or broken. Luckily, the replacement windows of today are more secure than most homeowners realize. 

If you fear that your Windsor County home’s windows are the weak points of your home, replacing them is the only way to feel more secure. 

The question many homeowners ask is, what features of replacement windows make them more secure? Check out these four replacement window features that make all the difference in feeling safer at home.

1. Window Style For Your Norwich, VT, Home

When it comes to replacement windows, you will find tons of different styles to choose from. Many of these styles are considered more secure than others. Thus, if you opt for replacement windows with security in mind, you must consider the type.

The most secure type of replacement window would be a picture window, since there are no moving parts. However, picture windows do not open, so they are not the best option for every Norwich, VT, homeowner.

Other secure window styles include the following:

  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Hopper windows

All these styles are hinged at the frame’s side, top, or bottom. They push outward to open. Thus, the locks and latches are on the inside of the frame. This makes them nearly impossible to wedge open from the outside.

2. Frame Material For Replacement Windows 

Generally, you will find that replacement windows have frames that come in these materials:

  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Vinyl

Each material has pros and cons about it. However, if security is at the top of your list, then you will find aluminum and fiberglass window materials are your best options.

These two materials have a powder-coat finish that helps to ensure the frame does not rust, rot, warp, or corrode. They are solid and make breaking in harder for anyone with ill intentions.

3. The Glass Used In Replacement Windows 

The glass of today’s replacement windows differs from what we saw years ago. If you look at the windows from thirty years ago, there were very few options regarding what glass was placed into the windows.

Many windows were easy to break when hit with an object, and they were also susceptible to cracks due to weather. 

Today, tempered and laminated glass are used in replacement windows. 

Tempered glass is treated to increase the strength of the glass, and if it were to break, it would shatter into small pieces that are not as dangerous as how old glass would shatter – often in large, sharp pieces. 

Laminated glass has an interlayer that helps to hold the glass together, making it more impact-resistant. Thus, laminated glass is the best for the security of your Norwich, VT, home.

Almost any type of glass placed into replacement windows has been through a glazing process that makes it seal better for energy efficiency. It also ensures that the glass is stronger. 

With the glazing process, you can also opt for reflective or tinted coatings to increase privacy, which can help you feel safer at home.

4. Locks And Hardware On Replacement Windows 

Every replacement window on the market will have a built-in lock you can use, often called a window latch or flip lock. However, you can add supplementary locks and hardware to feel more secure. Some examples would be to use the following:

  • Window alarm systems
  • Exterior window bars
  • Child safety latches 
  • Keyed locks
  • Pin locks

With the supplemental locks and hardware on the market, you can easily design a solution that works best for your home.

Put Security Worries To Bed With Replacement Windows 

Ultimately, you will discover that replacement windows with safety glass, the strong frame material, and the default locking system are often enough to put some security fears to rest.

However, with the additional types of locks and hardware you can opt to include, there should be little worry regarding window security. 

If your windows are currently a concern in your home, then it is best to have a professional window installer look at their condition. However, if your windows have any of the following issues, replacement is your safest option:

  • Locks will not engage
  • Not shutting properly
  • Bent window frames
  • Cracked glass

These are issues a professional can point out easily to you so you can decide whether to replace your windows or wait.

Free Consultations For Your Norwich, VT,
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If your Norwich, VT, home’s windows are less than great, or you are worried about your security, replacement windows can make you feel safer at home. Jancewicz & Son offers free consultations and quotes for your window replacement project.

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