4 Questions To Ask a Vinyl Siding Company

4 Questions To Ask a Vinyl Siding Company

When it comes to home remodeling, no decision should be made lightly. After all, this all impacts your home and the way you and your family are protected from the elements. That’s why homeowners should always do their research first, both on the product they plan to have installed and the company they hope will install it. Thinking of having vinyl siding installed in your home? Here are some questions to ask a vinyl siding company:

Can I See Examples Of Your Past Work?

You can search their website and you can look at reviews, but there’s really no substitute to seeing the work for yourself. A vinyl siding contractor might have a gallery that you can peruse or current worksites that you can visit. Barring this, consider asking for references. This way you can call past customers directly and ask any questions you might have about the project. They also might be able to send you their own pictures of the finished product.

Do You Offer Warranties? What Kind?

Any home remodeling project is an investment, which is why warranties are a thing. With a warranty, if you find yourself in need of another siding replacement in the next few years, you’ll know that you can have that done without paying again. Warranties vary based on length of time and whether the warranty just covers the product or the product and labor. Most vinyl siding companies are able to offer a warranty of some kind. Make sure you know what it is and that you’re comfortable with it before you sign.

Are You Licensed To Work On Siding In My State?

This should be a no-brainer, but there are some vinyl siding companies out there who might try to con homeowners into signing a contract, despite the fact that they themselves are not licensed. Some contractors work in multiple states and might be licensed in one, but not the other. Thus it’s a good idea to make sure that they’re licensed to work on siding replacement in your state and to be shown proof of that licensing before you proceed.

What Are the Benefits Of Vinyl Siding?

You want to be sure that you’re making the right choice for your home and that the vinyl siding company you hire knows what they’re talking about when it comes to vinyl siding. Feel free to ask them about the benefits of vinyl siding. If the only answer is that it’s “affordable,” you might be dealing with a company that uses cheap products. They should be able to speak to the maintenance required for vinyl siding and how long it will last on your home, as well as any energy efficiency.

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