4 Repairs You May Need to Make Before Winter

As summer comes to a close, it’s time for homeowners to start thinking about the coldest season of the year. Is your home ready for everything winter can throw at it? The end of summer and beginning of fall give you the perfect time to complete some much-needed home repairs. Look at your home to figure out if you need to schedule any of the following building repair services in Massachusetts:

1. Clean Your Gutters

Leaves and other debris stop gutters from properly draining water. If you leave your gutters clogged over winter, the gathered water may freeze and expand. This expansion could lead to cracked, broken gutters. The cleaning process also gives you a chance to look for minor repairs that need to be made, such as replacing missing fasteners or fixing small holes. If you’re tired of hiring services to clean your troughs, you could consider installing a gutter cap to help keep leaves out.

2. Inspect Your Roof

Before the weather changes, you need to make sure your roof is in top shape. Scheduling an inspection helps you figure out if other repairs are needed. Small cracks and missing shingles can be exacerbated by snow and freezing temperatures.

3. Check Windows and Doors

Do you feel a draft near your windows and doors? This could be a sign that you need to schedule building repair services in Massachusetts. If your home is not prepared to keep out the cold weather, your furnace will have to work overtime. This can lead to high energy bills, and a shorter furnace life. Consider adding insulation around these openings or replacing the entire fixture for added security and efficiency.

4. Replace Damaged Siding

Finally, you need to take a look at the siding on your home. Are there areas that are drooping or bulging? This could be a sign of a bigger issue. There are certain building repair services in Massachusetts that can help you make fixes to small portions of your siding.

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