5 Pricing Tricks Exterior Remodelers Pull In NH, VT, And MA

Need new roofing, windows, or doors? Watch out for these bogus "discounts" and pricing games that home-improvement companies regularly use.

Are you looking for new roofing, windows, or doors? If so, the last thing you want to deal with is a home-improvement salesperson.

You’re not alone. Many homeowners get a little queasy when thinking about getting in-home sales presentations. That’s because salespeople in this industry use all sorts of sneaky tactics and bogus discounts to get your business. 

Watch Out For These Bogus “Deals” In New Hampshire, 

Vermont & Massachusetts.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the most common pricing tactics homeowners like you face. By exposing these tricks, we hope to arm you with the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your wallet.

Pricing Trick #1: “Manager-Approved” Discounts

If you tell a salesperson their initial price is too high, one common trick is for them to “make a call” to their manager. They make it look like they’re going to bat for you. Like they’re standing up to their boss to secure you a better deal. You know, because you’re special!

Don’t buy it. 

This trick is one of the oldest in the book. What’s REALLY going on is that the salesperson inflated the initial quote. So when he says, “Amazing news—my manager approved a discount just for you,” it’s actually not a deal. At all.


Pricing Trick #2: Quotes That Don’t Paint The Full Picture

Here’s how this one works…

Say you get a quote from two companies for the same window, but one price is lower than the other. It COULD be that the higher price is inflated. But it’s just as likely that the lower price is for inferior material such as caulking, screws, and insulation.

To find out if the cheaper contractor is skimping on these materials, ask them for a fully itemized quote. Don’t be afraid to inquire about each and every brand they use, and how much it costs. Then do the same for the higher priced contractor and compare.

This is also where researching a company’s reputation pays dividends. A company with plenty of great reviews and awards is a company you can trust to give you the best price.


Pricing Trick #3: The “Cardiac Quote”

This is when a salesperson quotes an initial price so ridiculously high it causes your heart to skip a beat. This is intentional—the salesperson WANTS to freak you out!


So they can then say, “Great news, though. Due to X, Y, Z, I can get you a special price today only!” Then, POOF… they magically drop the price 25%, 35%, or even 50%.

But (much like Trick #1) what the salesperson doesn’t tell you is that the discounted price isn’t a discount at all. It just LOOKS like a discount because the “Cardiac Quote” was so absurdly high.

Don’t fall for it.


Pricing Trick #4: “Good For Today Only” Quotes

The whole “this price is good today only” schtick is a pressure tactic, plain and simple.

Think about it. Why is the quote good for one day only? What changes tomorrow that causes the price to go up?

The salesperson will tell you the price reflects how much they’ll save in transportation costs. Basically, you save X on a roof because you’re saving them Y on gas. 

But the reality is that if you choose to think things over and wait a week or two to buy, it’s not costing the company anything extra. Especially since practically everything pertaining to paperwork can be done online nowadays. 


Pricing Trick #5: Cheap Windows

Have you ever seen those advertisements for $189 windows? They sound like a great deal. But they’re one of the industry’s biggest bait-and-switch tactics.

The window company advertises a rock-bottom price to lure you into setting an appointment. Once the salesperson arrives, however, the truth is revealed.

Those “$189” windows? They’re something like a tiny 24×36 double hung window with a single pane of glass and no Low-E coating. Basically, the worst possible window you can get.

By the time you add the features you need to make the window serviceable, you’re going to be spending A LOT more than $189. 

Let’s face it… do you really want to do business with a company that lies by omission right off the bat?


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