5 Things To Know About Your New Hampshire Door Installation Project

Exterior Door Installation in New Hampshire

5 Things To Know About Your New Hampshire Exterior Door Installation

Get The Most Out Of Your Door Replacement With These Helpful Tips

It’s always good to have prior knowledge of any New Hampshire home improvement project before starting, including door replacement installation. Knowing what to expect and what to ask will help ensure you get the most out of your door installation.

Many homeowners get taken advantage of by their contractors because they don’t know any better. We don’t want this to be the case with our valued customers at Jancewicz & Son. We believe an informed customer is the best customer, and we work hard to ensure our customers stay as knowledgeable as possible.

It’s essential to know how door installations work, from choosing the right door to hiring the right company. Here are five elements to consider to ensure you get the best door replacement experience.

1. Choose The Right Door For Your Home

Choosing the right door for your home is the first decision you’ll need to make before replacing the door you already have. You shouldn’t assume that your current door is the best fit for your home, as many home-building contractors install the cheapest and least reliable products when building.

An expert door installation company will consider your home and its location and local climate before making new door suggestions. Your local weather and climate have much to do with what material your door should be made of, as the right door will last you years and maintain its original beauty.

Depending on your specific concerns, you might focus more on energy efficiency than style, or vice versa. A great door company won’t make you decide and should help you figure out the best door for your home.

2. Ensure You’re Getting Full Functionality

Once you find the door you want, it’s crucial to check all of the basic functionality. The perfect door will stand up against the harshest weather in your area and protect your home from all those pesky outdoor elements and unwanted guests.

A good door performs perfectly and keeps you and your family safe. Fiberglass door systems, for example, are great at providing protection all around, giving you years of durability and reliability. Plus, many fiberglass door systems are available in fire-rated options, giving you total comfort, physically and mentally.

Additionally, you’ll never have to sacrifice looks for effectiveness, as great manufacturers combine both beauty and function. Excellent doors are available in many colors and styles, allowing you to personalize the look of your home.

3. Hire The Right Door Installation Company

Besides guiding you to the perfect door for your home, a professional door installation company will perform outstanding installations and ensure your door sees years of long-lasting effectiveness and curb appeal.

Since it’s impossible to know how the finished product will perform in advance, it’s vital to research your door installation company before hiring them. Read customer reviews or case studies to ensure you’re hiring an experienced company that knows all the ins and outs of door installation.

Many homeowners don’t fully understand what goes into properly replacing a door, but the right installation company will pay attention to the fine details because they know those details matter.

4. Use A Company That Cares

When researching door replacement companies, some homeowners only consider the experience and performance of the company. However, a door replacement company’s integrity and customer service are just as important as the installation.

It’s vital to choose a company that cares not only about their work but about their customers. This level of care will be the difference between feeling respected and heard versus neglected and discounted.

An ethical company will put customers first, listen to their concerns, take detailed notes, and ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

The right company isn’t solely in it to turn over as much profit as possible. Instead, they’re honest with their clients, informing them of the best door for their specific home. To be treated with respect and dignity should always come first in home renovation!

5. Warranties Are A Must!

Some door replacement and installation companies know their products are inferior and, therefore, can’t offer a great warranty to back them up. Questionable door products usually come with questionable, if any at all, warranties.

Great door companies, like Therma-Tru, can offer the best warranties on the market: limited lifetime warranties. Plus, many great door manufacturers also offer transferable warranties, meaning the warranty transfers to the next homeowner when you go to sell, which is a highly desirable selling point.

An excellent warranty on your door ensures optimum door function throughout the time you live in your house, giving you peace of mind. Plus, the knowledge that you’re not just throwing money away sure feels good. 

At Jancewicz & Son, We’ll Install Your New Hampshire <BR> Door Replacement The Right Way

Lucky for you, when it comes to New Hampshire door installation, you’ve come to the right place. Not only are our installers incredibly detailed, passionate, and experienced in their craft, but they’re also nice. We know it may sound silly, but having a positive attitude goes a long way in making the process a little easier.

Since 1933, we’ve worked to build and maintain our stellar reputation at Jancewicz & Son.

As an award-winning home improvement company, we always have the right door solution for your needs. Not only do we offer quality doors for our New England climate, but our doors come in a wide variety of colors and styles, ensuring you find one that gives your home incredible curb appeal.

Contact us today for a free door installation estimate and schedule your appointment! 

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