8 Trends To Consider For Your Lebanon, NH, Deck In 2023

Eight Trends You May Want To Consider
For Your Lebanon, NH Deck In 2023

Opt To Remodel Your Deck With These
Trends For A Beautiful Masterpiece

How much time do you spend on your Lebanon, NH deck? If you spend your weekends, weeknights, and any time you can during the warmer months on your deck – you definitely want a deck you can enjoy!

Remodeling a deck to make it more geared towards your personal tastes is a project many Grafton County homeowners can appreciate. After all, if you spend time on your deck, it should be comfortable and relaxing!

For those ready to plunge into remodeling their deck, consider these eight ideas trending in 2023. These ideas will make your deck the talk of the community!

1. Multi-Level Deck Designs

The idea of a Lebanon, NH deck with just one level is outdated. The newest trend in decking is to have multiple levels on your deck. Granted, the levels may only be distinguished by one step – but it still creates a unique space.

When designing a multi-level deck, the key is to think about how you use your deck. For example, many people opt for a level for their grill, tables, and chairs, while another level is dedicated to sunbathing or an area just for kids.

With a multi-level deck, you make the deck the centerpiece of your backyard. Thus, it is a design option for those who truly love their deck and spend time using it!

2. Inventive Deck Lighting

When the sun sets – that doesn’t mean your enjoyment of your deck has to end! Deck lighting has become more popular as homeowners want to extend the time they can enjoy their time outdoors.

There are several different types of deck lighting that homeowners can opt for. For example:

  • Rope lighting that lines the edges of the deck and the staircase
  • Built-in lighting around the edges of the deck
  • Overhead lighting for those who opt for a covered area on their deck
  • Tall lighting installed at the corners of the deck
  • Solar lights scattered throughout and around the deck
  • Attaching lights to the railing 

With the numerous options, deck lighting can be a massive way to make your deck stand out against the crowd.

3. Outdoor Kitchens For Decks

More homeowners in Lebanon, NH, want to grill and make more meals outdoors. After all, during the summer months, you may find cooking outdoors more energy efficient rather than heating up your interior.

With this being said, outdoor kitchens are becoming a massive trend for decks. An outdoor kitchen is more than just a grill. These outdoor kitchens contain elements like:

  • Storage areas
  • Refrigerators for cold drinks and storing food
  • Small sinks for cleanup
  • Counter space for preparing foods

It will be a miniature example of your indoor kitchen so you are not hindered by the outdoors when preparing a meal.

4. Bold Colors In And Around Your Decking

The use of bold colors around decks is becoming a huge trend. How are homeowners adding bold colors to their decks? Here are a few ways:

  • Opting to stain the deck in non-traditional colors
  • Adding colorful pillows to patio furniture
  • Planting colorful plants around the deck border

Using color is a great way to make your deck stand out while reflecting your personal tastes.

5. Container Gardens For Decking

One of the latest design trends is to use your deck as a container garden. The idea of growing your own vegetables or herbs is appealing to many people. 

Those building or remodeling their deck may want to consider a location designed specifically for container gardens. Imagine having a gorgeous outdoor kitchen and simply walking a few feet to your container garden for some fresh basil for your food!

6. Controlling The Temperature On Your Deck

The summer heat can be stifling on some days. In contrast, winters can be brutally cold. However, one of the latest deck designs is to ensure you have a way to battle the heat or cold so you can use your deck whenever you want.

Many homeowners opt to have ceiling fans installed on covered decks or arrange for fans in other locations to help circulate the air in the summer. Installing fire pits and other heating devices can allow you to use the deck despite the winter cold.

7. Installing An Outdoor Living Room

Turning your deck into an outdoor living room is a trending design. Ideally, your outdoor living room will have all the amenities that your indoor living room has to ensure everyone is comfortable while outside.

The key to making the outdoor living room idea come to life is to use furniture and items approved for outdoor use. And don’t forget the entertainment as many people are adding an outdoor TV to their living area.

8. Updated Deck Railing

For those homeowners wanting to remodel their deck with a few simple projects, updating the railing may be a task on your list. Gone are the days in which your railing matches the deck perfectly. Instead, homeowners are opting for railing ideas like:

  • Metal or iron railing
  • Stone railing around the deck
  • Using a different type of wood to make a unique railing

The sky’s the limit regarding what you can do for the deck railing – you must look around for inspiration.

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