9 Amazing Deck Design Ideas

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Each year, there are trends for everything. You can count on some of those trends to be timeless. Some will last just for a season, and you will not see them again. Here are a few trending ideas that you will want to add to your to-do list for your custom deck builders in Massachusetts this spring. You can count on these ideas lasting for years. 

  1. Customized, Personalized Space

The number one deck trend in 2018 is making your deck a customized, personalized space. This trend will never get old because customization of any area is an excellent idea. It is just not something most deck builders want to do. They want you to customize your wants and needs to their plans. At Jancewicz and Son, we are proud to be custom deck builders in Massachusetts that will customize your deck to meet your needs. 

  1. Hardwood Floors

One of the most beautiful trends for decks is the use of hardwood floors. You can add exotic hardwoods to your deck or go with a more casual distressed hardwood floor to give it that well-used, lived-in, loved looking space.

  1. Railing That Adds Character

Another fun trend for decks is different railing. You can add glass walls for railing for a more contemporary look. If you want a more rustic look, you can accomplish this with horizontal fence railings to give an outstanding feel to the whole deck. If your railing is parallel, you can go from very traditional to very contemporary with your style. For an impressive, customized rail, you can get wildlife carvings, a carved post, or merely detailed post carvings.

  1. Spaces That Are Multi-Functional

A trend that will be here for years to come and add value to your deck is adding multi-functional spaces. You can do this by merely thinking of different uses for your space and creating areas that will work for both. It will make your deck feel like twice the space. Maybe an added roof will take what would have just been a sunny-day space to a welcome place to enjoy a rainy afternoon. You can accomplish similar results with a simple pergola addition. What was a sundeck can also be a shady place to read or enjoy a glass of iced tea on a sunny summer afternoon.

  1. Opposite Attractions

One of the most fun trends for decks is the use of contrasts. You can accomplish this trend with the use of dark and light woods; dark for the railing and light for the floor. You can use both dark and light woods on the floor to create a dramatic effect. You can also use contrasts in the feel and decor of the deck. Rustic and contemporary, shabby and chic, or farmhouse and chrome, are all fun ways to make opposites attractive. 

  1. Complete Retreat Or Minimalist Space

Complete retreats where you feel like you have stepped into a spa retreat in Bali, or a minimalist effect where you feel totally at ease without any added clutter to your space, are both deck trends that are in this year. Both are great features; it just depends on what you want your custom deck to be. You can add floating layers of platforms that are not connected to your main deck but look like they are floating.

  1. Impact Lighting

You can add elegance and ambiance to your deck with lighting. Post lighting on corner posts can add a touch of ambiance. Lighting that runs in your railing, with a wider railing for the top rail for drinks to set on, can be attractive, as can seating with strip lights which add an element of fun and a more subtle light effect. Lastly, you can add lights to your deck around features such as waterfalls or walkways.

  1. Pavers

A great addition to decks is pavers or cobblestones. Connect different parts of your deck or yard with pavers that are arranged in patterns to create a beautiful focal point that will add beauty plus functionality to the whole area. If you have floating decks, pavers are a great way to connect them and still achieve a suspended look.

  1. Plants

The final trend to mention is plants. Adding plants to your deck design will give versatility to the whole project. A succulent garden in the center of your deck or hanging ferns under your shady area or pergola are a great way bring your deck to life. Tall winding plants add a mysterious atmosphere while more simple plants add a down-home feel that is so inviting to your guests.

This summer, you can enjoy the outside of your home as much as you do the inside if you have a deck built by Jancewicz and Son. We have been doing quality deck construction for 80+ years. We will create a full- customized deck that is built to suit your needs. Our deck designers will be happy to work with you to create the deck of your dreams. So call us today at 1-800-281-3585 for a deck construction quote.

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