A Deck for All New Hampshire Seasons

A Deck for All New Hampshire Seasons

Who Says Your Deck Is Only Good for Summer?

When we think of spending time on the deck, we usually think of summer: the season of grilling or swimming in the pool. Summer is a great time of year for your deck, but why should it be the only time of year you use your deck? With the right deck, made by the right deck builder to withstand whatever New Hampshire weather throws its way, you can have a beautiful deck that you enjoy year-round. Here are a few ways our decks at Jancewicz & Son can serve you year-round.


What works for your neighbor won’t necessarily work for you. It’s something that’s universally true of most things: clothes, food, taste in music, and a new deck, of course. Unfortunately, many deck builders simply don’t account for this in their deck plans. Even the deck builders who claim to offer custom decks are limited in their customization. What they mean is that you have options of a few pre-designed decks. That may be a step in the right direction, but it’s not enough.

At Jancewicz & Son, we let you tell us what kind of deck you want. If you want a deck that can be enjoyed year-round, tell us that and we’ll include materials and features made to stand up to the cooler temperatures.


When it comes to a year-round deck, you don’t just want a deck builder who has experience in general: you want someone with local experience. Someone who knows exactly what to expect from the local winters, springs, and autumns. Fortunately, all of our 80+ years of our experience are in the local area. We’re as well-acquainted with the rain, sleet, snow, and fluctuating temperatures as we are with the sunny, mild days. Because of that, we know how to prepare the decks we build to last throughout that weather.

Other Year Round Deck Tips

Having the right deck builder goes a long way when it comes to ensuring a year-round deck, but there are also precautions you can take to prepare your deck for winter. Make sure to clean it thoroughly at the end of summer and again throughout autumn. If the deck needs to be refinished, have that done before the autumn rains start to come in. If you have deck furniture, you may want to break out the furniture covers to keep them dry. Heat lamps and fire pits can keep your deck warm and enjoyable even as the weather cools, and string lights are a fashionable way to add light to the deck in the earlier evenings.

Interested in having a year-round deck for your home? Contact Jancewicz & Son today and tell us about the custom deck we can build for your New Hampshire home.

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