A Dream Deck in New Hampshire

As summer approaches, you get that longing to spend time outside. Winter can seem so long, but before you know it, you will be itching to get outside for a cookout or just to relax after a long day. The deck installers in New Hampshire can build you a deck that will be a cherished living space that you will enjoy all summer long – even into fall. Our deck designer will help you design and build your dream deck.


The best part about having deck installers in New Hampshire design your dream deck is that your deck is custom-built to fit your needs. There are so many features that you might want to include into your dream deck. The deck design team will listen to you and help you to decide what you will be using your deck for the most. Your deck should have a flow that goes with your house. The size and shape should be a beautiful accent to your home. The deck of your dreams will not only be useful to you and your family but it should be an inviting place that makes you want to spend time there either entertaining or relaxing,; whatever you enjoy doing the most.

Inspiring Stairs

One of the best ways to start with your dream deck is to have an inspiration area of your dream deck. The deck installers in New Hampshire will have galleries of images to inspire you or you may have ideas you have longed to have in a deck. Just like you use inspiration pieces inside your home, you can do the same for your deck design. Maybe you live in a home with more than one story. You can have several awesome sets of stairs that can be your inspiration. The stairs could be spiral or wide with landings overlooking the area below. There are so many ways stairs can connect each layer of a deck, plus stairs can lead to a private area in your yard; maybe with a secret little garden that has a flowing fountain across a footbridge. Stairs can lead to anywhere you decide.

Fire Features

Another inspiring feature might be a fire feature. You can choose from a fireplace, firepit or even a pizza oven. If entertaining is where it’s at for you and you love parties, then a fire feature such as a pizza oven would add that party feel you are looking for. If a fire feature is your inspiration you might want a complete outdoor kitchen. Entertaining is so much fun outdoors when it becomes a meal with friends. If you have a cooking area designed into your dream deck you will also want to include a dining area that complements it.

Water Features

A popular inspiration feature is water, of course. There is nothing as relaxing as a hot tub to sink down into after a long day at work. Maybe you would like a pool to be the center of your dream deck. Your deck can take your pool from being just a pool outback to an oasis that you will want to linger in for all your summertime fun. If you just want a small, cozy deck, a water feature that goes well with that would be a fountain feature. You might want a wall with a fountain giving you the cozy feel or a center-of-attention fountain that is stunning. Water always adds a relaxing feeling to a deck but it also can take it to the party level with a hot tub or pool.


The final step in your deck design will be furniture and decor. The furniture you choose can be built in to your deck design or pieces added after you are finished with your deck. Built-in furniture can be comfortable and easy to maintain, as well as add a stunning effect to your deck. You will want your furniture and decor to be usable and inviting to you and your guests.

As summer approaches, you will be wanting to move the fun outdoors, so when you do, Jancewicz & Son can make your dream deck become a reality. We will custom build a deck for you. With our years of deck installation experience. you can rest assured that your deck – whether it be a small cozy family deck or a multi-level mega deck – will be done right. We do quality deck design and installation. So give us a call today to visit with our deck designers to make your dream deck a reality.

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