Are Gutters Worth Installing On Your VT Home?

Vermont Gutter Installation

With so many costs involved in home improvement and repair, you may find yourself wondering whether roof gutters are worth installing on your Vermont home. How much do they actually benefit your home, and do those benefits make the investment worth it? At Jancewicz & Son, we think so. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to have gutters for your home.

Protect Your Foundation

The purpose of roof gutters is to funnel water runoff away from your lawn to a strategically placed downspout away from your foundation. Without this, water simply pours down from your roof into the soil surrounding your home. Over time, this can lead to massive soil erosion that can expose and damage the foundation of your home, causing it to resettle. You may notice cracks in the walls or uneven flooring as a result.

Keep Up Curb Appeal

Soil erosion is more than just a problem for your foundation. Many homeowners like to have flower beds along the walls of their home to boost their curb appeal and give their front lawn a pleasant appearance. Your backyard, too, may be decked out with plants along the patio or an herb garden. But when water runs off the roof, it can drown these elements or cause the soil to become unsustainable. If you want curb appeal that really shines, you need roof gutters to protect it.

Defend Your Siding

Most homes have siding boards or shingles surrounding them, a more colorful and often more affordable option than brick. However, without roof gutters to manage water runoff, the water that pours down from your roof will likely run along your siding. In the long run, this could cause it to warp or swell, depending on the material, and to move away from the house. It can also cause color of the siding to fade, or water can slip in the tiny crevices between boards of siding and get into your walls, damaging your insulation.

Although they might not be the biggest or most noticeable elements of your home’s structure, roof gutters are essential protection for your lawn, your walls, and your home itself. So the next time you think you might not need them for your Vermont home, think again. Contact Jancewicz & Son today for more information or a free estimate on new roof gutters.

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