Best Home Improvement Projects to Increase Energy Efficiency

Best Home Improvement Projects to Increase Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners want to make their home a little more energy efficient. It can save them money on bills like heating, cooling, and electric. It can reduce their carbon footprint, allowing them to have a good impact on the environment. It can also keep their home comfortable without exorbitant costs to do so. But how do you achieve a truly energy efficient home? There are several home improvement projects that can help, but what makes for the best investment? Here are some of the best home improvement projects for increasing energy efficiency.

Add Insulation

This is just common sense. The better your insulation, the less heat escapes your home and the less indoor air gets in. Many older homes use fiberglass insulation, but in recent years, it’s become clear that the best insulation to increase energy efficiency is spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation expands to fit even the tightest corners, offering a truly comprehensive insulation. Add this insulation to the attic especially for the best energy efficiency results.

Replace Windows and Doors

If your windows and doors are poorly sealed, they may be letting in more cold air — or allowing more heat to escape — than you’d like or even realize. If your house feels drafty and you’ve noticed a spike in your heating and cooling bills, it may be time to seek out more energy efficient windows and doors. Marvin’s Wood-Ultrex windows allow all the style of wood windows on the interior with all the unbeatable energy efficiency of fiberglass on the exterior. We offer a number of fiberglass and steel entry doors that provide a tighter seal for homes and boost energy efficiency as well.

New Roof

If you still have issues with energy efficiency, they may be caused by your roof. A good energy efficient roof will reflect the sunlight that reaches it, rather than absorbing that heat to be pulled into the home. It will also be durable enough to prevent issues like leaks and roof rot. Metal roofing has gained quite a reputation as an energy efficient option, especially standing seam metal roofing. And since it can last for as long as you have the house, the energy efficient benefits of this type of roof only grow.

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