Best Time To Get Work Done In Wilmington, Vt

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Many homeowners in the Wilmington, Vermont area think there is a benefit to waiting for the right season to get exterior work done on their home. If you ask them which season is the best one, you’ll get every answer possible except the right one. The right answer, of course, is all of them!


The Seasonal Roofing And Siding Installation Myth

For every season, except maybe Summer, there is a myth that one season offers better results or better prices than any other. The truth is, our prices are the same throughout the year because we don’t have a slow time, nor does any reputable home exterior contractor. The only real difference between the seasons is that there are days in the Winter when it gets too cold to install asphalt shingles. That’s it. Otherwise, it’s all standard operating procedure from one end of the calendar to the other.

Winter is no different than the rest of the year. Every season has “weather days” for exterior installation projects. And on the days we can’t install asphalt shingles, we can install everything else we sell. In truth, it’s easier to work around snow than it is to deal with rain on the worksite.


Why You Should Never Wait To Get Exterior Work Done On Your Home

Now that we’ve dispelled the myth of the perfect season, it’s time to talk about what holding off on work means for your home. Hint: It’s not good.


What Is Your Home’s Exterior, Really?

Your home’s exterior is a system within a system. Your home is the main system, made up of smaller ones that work together to make your life more comfortable. But the exterior is, by far, the most important system in your home’s design. It is there to keep the elements from destroying everything inside.

Your roof and siding keep moisture from reaching your wood framing and wall surfaces. Your windows are a compromise to satisfy your need for daylight and enjoy the warmth of the sun while protecting the climate inside your home as much as possible.

In short, your home’s exterior is the shell that keeps it and you and your family comfortable and safe. It’s your first and last defense against nature.


The Right Time To Repair Or Replace Exterior Components

With all of the above in mind, there is only one answer to the question, “When is the best time to get work done on your home?”


Right now! 

The moment you realize there is an issue with your home’s roof, siding, or windows is invariably long after the trouble started. Unless you are dealing with storm damage, it takes weeks or even months for failures to show themselves inside your home. By the time you notice watermarks or cracks, you are way behind the ball. So, you need to address every issue you spot as soon as possible.

That’s why we don’t slow down, much less shut down just because it’s a little cold outside. We know that our customers need us on the job throughout the year. And that’s why you should never wait to get your home repaired. For one, it’s not necessary, and for the other, it can cost you unnecessary expenses as the damage grows while you wait.

If you need exterior work done on your Wilmington, Vermont home, contact us at Jancewicz & Son for a free estimate. We’ll come out even on days when other contractors are hiding in their homes.

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