Blind Trust Has No Place On Our Worksites

Perfect Results Need A Perfect Process From Day One

Many New Hampshire home solutions companies think that a roving foreman is enough to ensure things are being done the right way on their worksites. We consider it the bare minimum. We love our workers, we trust our workers, but we also know that nobody is perfect. That’s why we have an onsite foreman for every project we do.


But that is just the beginning of ensuring zero errors. We believe the process actually begins from the ground up.


Experienced Isn’t The Same As Trained

Let’s say we have two openings, and we first see a framing carpenter with a decade of work under their belt. Standing next to them is a 19-year-old kid just starting out in the trade. Now let’s say we hire them both. Day one is going to be exactly the same for both. In fact, the kid might even have an easier day. Why? Because experienced isn’t the same as trained.


With the 19-year-old kid, we have a clean slate to fill with our way, the right way, of doing things. There are no bad habits to break, no ego to soothe. Now, the experienced carpenter has developed his way of doing things, and, chances are, they will not match up with our methods. The hard truth is that if we’d only had one opening, we would hire the kid over the experienced hand every time.



So why would we pass on experience and risk wasting time on some young kid who will quit as soon as summer comes? Because we know that kid will be with us for years, if not decades. We know that the right kind of experience is valuable, so we pay our workers far better than the industry average.


We also know that most workers leave this industry to better provide for their new families, so we also give our workers an extensive benefits package. Our turnover rate is more like that of a family-run store than that of your average home solutions company.


Promoting From Within

We never hire our foremen from outside sources. Our foremen come from within our ranks. That’s the only way to know that those checking our work know our standards inside and out. Every foreman and crew leader is someone that we’ve trained for years.


Watching The Watchers

While having an onsite foreman is a fantastic way to prevent problems before they start, we don’t stop there. We have a dedicated team of Quality Assurance workers who visit every site to inspect the work or solve difficult problems when a foreman needs assistance.


We understand that things can happen, mistakes can be made, and unexpected difficulties can crop up. The difference between us and some other home solutions companies is that we simply refuse to allow even a single issue to remain and call the project complete. There is always a solution, and we will stay put until it is found and implemented.



Often, the problems that show up are the result of substandard materials. That’s why we refuse to use bottom dollar materials. From lumber to paint and even down to the nails we use, everything is high quality.


It would be madness to put as much effort as we do to ensure every problem is solved, every design perfect, and every action taken in the proscribed Jancewicz & Son manner, and then throw it all out the window using shoddy materials just to get our bid lower. That’s just not who we are.


So Why Do We Care?

Yes, we could make money doing so-so work with so-so materials. There are plenty of massive home solutions companies out there making barrels of money on beautiful work that will last a little while past their warranty period. But not by much.


That’s not how you build an 80+ year reputation for quality. Our reputation means a lot to us and not just because it brings us business. We take great care in the work we do and consider ourselves a part of the local community. We want what we do to last.


That is why we make sure that every person who touches your project, from the architect to designer, from the parts runner to the foreman, all know and believe in the right way to build. And why, knowing all that, we check their work anyway.


If you are considering a project for your New Hampshire area home and want it done by a home solutions company dedicated to perfection, call us at Jancewicz & Son for a free estimate.

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