Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Replacement Doors

Replacing doors can give you a whole new perspective on a home.

The entry door to the home is often the first thing people notice about any given home. That’s why exterior doors are often painted in bold colors with elegant styles. Your exterior doors should draw the eye and enhance the overall look of your home. So if you’re planning to move from your New Hampshire home and need to boost your curb appeal and add value, replacing doors might be the best place to start.

Maybe your doors are serviceable, but older. The paint has faded somewhat or the style is outdated. Maybe you don’t see anything wrong with them, but they lack the fresh look that would really help your home stand out. If that’s the case, there are many benefits you can enjoy from replacing your door or any exterior doors.

Better Energy Efficiency

One way to add value to your home and impress prospective buyers is to make your home more energy efficient — and your door can help with that. A strong door can prevent drafts and heat loss in your home, making it much more comfortable in the colder months of the year and keeping energy bills low. It’s great for a cost savvy buyer as well as buyers who are concerned about the environment. 

Fiberglass doors, like those offered by Therma-Tru, are extremely popular when it comes to energy efficiency options. They can outperform steel and wood but take on the same elegant look of wood. Combined with impact resistant storm doors from Harvey, and your exterior doors will make the perfect impression on both neighbors and potential buyers.

Better Security

Security is an important issue when it comes to your home, your exterior doors, and thus your home value. The more secure your door is, the more prospective buyers would be willing to pay. Here again, fiberglass doors are a popular choice. While they may be made to look like wood, anyone would be hard-pressed to kick in a well-made fiberglass door. Add a storm door and your security is even further boosted.

Better Style

But perhaps foremost, your home should be eye-catching. A great replacement door can enhance the design and overall aesthetic of your home. Therma-Tru doors look great, but we also carry Andersen, a manufacturer with a wide reputation for excellent quality and great looks. And it’s not just outside the house where this matters. Andersen and Harvey both carry patio doors, including clear glass patio doors. These doors offer extended views from inside of your outdoor space. They also flood the room with light, making them more energy efficient and a very desirable feature for potential buyers.

The right replacement doors can give your curb appeal the statement piece it needs and make your home that much more appealing to prospective buyers. At Jancewicz & Son, we’re happy to offer doors from Therma-Tru, Andersen, and Harvey. Contact us today for more information about replacing doors for your New Hampshire home.

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