Can You DIY Spray Foam or Do You Need a Professional?

Can You DIY Spray Foam or Do You Need a Professional

Many homeowners faced with a home improvement project might look at the work ahead at a distance and think, “That doesn’t seem so hard.” The temptation to do a DIY spray foam insulation can be even stronger when homeowners consider not having to pay a professional team for labor. But is spray foam insulation really something you can tackle on your own? And even if you can, is it really the most efficient, cost effective choice?

Let’s break down the various factors to DIY spray foam insulation versus hiring a professional.

Spray Foam Kits

For homeowners who consider themselves particularly crafty, spray foam kits can easily be purchased at the local home improvement store. They come with clear instructions, and on the surface, they are considerably more affordable than hiring a professional. However, spray foam kits are not without their share of problems. If homeowners don’t know exactly how to apply spray foam, the nozzle can clog, even backing up the hose. The mixture could be off-balance, failing to provide the insulation you need. You’d need to aim perfectly because spray foam can be incredibly difficult to remove once it sticks.

Spray foam kits are also limited: they can only insulate cavities that are already open in your home. If you need to get into the walls, you need to hire a professional insulation company.

Professional Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam kits might suffice for small projects, but if you need to truly insulate your home, getting into the walls and removing old insulation, you need a home improvement professional. It is more of an investment, but one that can be well-worth it. Home improvement teams are licensed and insured, so there’s no liability to you if anything goes wrong on the project. They’re also highly trained so that you can get the job done right the first time, rather than having to shell out more money to correct it. They have expert knowledge of current building codes and what will make your home insulated and energy efficient.


If you want the thorough quality of a professional to tackle your spray foam insulation job, but you’re worried about the cost, you do have options. Financing plans can spread out your payments for your home improvement job so that it fits more easily into your budget. In the long run, paying more for quality will be the most cost effective solution, as you won’t need to correct it as soon as you might a cheap job. But if you need to make the cost more manageable, work with your professional spray foam insulation company to set up a payment plan.

Need the peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional for your spray foam insulation project? Contact Jancewicz & Son today for more information or a free estimate.

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