Choose a Window Replacement Company With More Than Just a Good Price

Window Replacement Vermont

Are you looking for a good price or a good value in your window replacement?

If you looked, you could probably find the cheapest window replacement company in Vermont and hire them to do your window replacement project. However, it’s a decision you may come to regret if you end up with cheap quality windows. In fact, when you consider the cost of r

epairs and subsequent replacements, those cheap window replacements might not be as cheap as they seem initially. The truth is, a good contractor needs more than simply a good price.

Value Over Price

There’s more to consider than the cost of a window contractor. What kind of value are you getting for that cost? How long will the project last on your home? How will it hold up to Vermont weather, and how much ROI (return on investment) will you get in terms of energy efficiency or added home value? At Jancewicz & Son, we offer only the highest quality products and our crew is highly trained and experienced to provide the best installation possible. At the end of the day, you’re getting a solid value here: high quality replacement windows that will last for decades.


Sometimes the reason that window replacement contractors lowball their prices is because they’re not experienced or not confident in their work. Hiring any contractor to work on your home is a risk, and you want to be confident that you took the right risk. That’s hard to do with a contractor who doesn’t seem to be confident in themselves or who hasn’t tested their skills through experience. That’s not a problem at Jancewicz & Son. We have over 80 years of experience serving Vermont, and a solid reputation to back it up!


Of course, you may already know that you get what you pay for and that if you want the best quality, you probably won’t find it with the cheapest contractor. However, if your budget is tight, sometimes it feels like you have no other choice. That’s why it’s important to look into a window replacement contractor’s financing plans. Financing helps you to fit the quality you want into your budget by allowing you to make manageable payments instead of paying a large cost upfront. 

Jancewicz & Son prides ourselves on offering more than just a good price… we do quality work with the best products, resulting in window replacements that add value to your home. Contact us today for more information or a free quote!

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