Deck Design Ideas for a One-of-a-Kind Deck of Your Dreams

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Searching for inspiration for your new custom deck? Let us help.

Some deck installation contractors offer “custom” decks meaning that they have a few options to choose from, but this is not truly custom. At Jancewicz & Son, we pride ourselves on providing truly customized decks. That means we design your deck for you, not from a basic template that we’ve used on every other house. And before we start the work, we’ll have that design approved by you. You’re also able to provide feedback on the design of your deck, and you may have some ideas already. But if you’re still looking for inspiration when it comes to your one-of-a-kind deck design, here are a few ideas we’ve found that we like.

Second Story Deck

Your deck doesn’t always have to be built out from the first floor of your home. You may prefer the altitude and view of a second story deck, and Jancewicz & Son is happy to help. To make a second story deck really work, you’ll need high railings, narrow enough to keep kids from slipping through if you’re raising a family. You’ll also need to extend that railing down a set of stairs that lead to the porch or patio below. These decks offer a more sweeping view and may catch the eye of your guests.

Outdoor Living Room

Why not make your deck as comfortable as your indoor entertainment spaces? Get some rugs, deck chairs, and even a sofa with durable upholstery that’s fit for the outdoors and create a second living room outdoors. You can install a fire pit in place of a fireplace and may even be able to install an outdoor kitchen or at least a grill. Looking for a way to avoid the harsh sunlight and heat? Install an arbor or an awning to offer some shade and keep things comfortable.

Partly Enclosed

In the hottest days of the summer, or in the midst of a sudden storm, it can be nice to be able to spend time on the deck without being exposed to the elements. That’s why some homeowners will opt for a partially enclosed deck. You can use side rails and window panes to close off part of the deck, adding a table and some chairs for comfort, or you can install a gazebo to wait out the worst of the weather. Then on days when the weather is just right, you can step out onto the exposed part of the deck and enjoy it. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Looking for more deck design ideas? Consider starting a pinterest board, or talk to your deck contractor today to discuss ideas. Contact Jancewicz & Son today.

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