Decks Are The Perfect Place For Fun In The Sun

Decks Are The Perfect Place For Fun In The Sun

As summer approaches we all get excited and look forward to warm, sunny days spent with family and friends. Long summer evenings make for the perfect party weather. Summer parties are so much fun when they happen outside. You have probably been to those summer gatherings that were so memorable because the party had an easy flow from the inside of a home to the outside (where the actual fun was happening). A deck builder in New Hampshire can create a space that will allow your party to spread out and be a memorable occasion for everyone.

Deck Lighting

The best deck features are, of course, the features that fit the kind of entertaining that you will be doing. A popular feature that is being offered by deck builders in New Hampshire is lighting. A deck should be well-lit in a way that makes it usable and inviting, but not so extreme that the neighbors complain about the lights keeping them awake. Whether you use your deck for relaxing or entertaining, you don’t want the fun to end when the sun goes down. You can have lighting built into your deck during construction. You can use railing with hidden subtle lights to give an added secluded feel to your deck. Another option is adding a roof over part of your deck to give shade in the daytime and a place to hang a light from the ceiling. You can even add a ceiling fan to give your deck an airy feel. Lights as decor can be a fun addition to your deck, such as lanterns on built-in tables. One favorite lighting addition is to have sensors installed in the construction of your deck that will turn the lights on and off.

Deck Size

Decks can be small and cozy additions to your home. You can add a set of patio doors to open out onto your deck whether you build a large or small deck. This brings your indoor and outdoor space together. A way to give a deck that awesome feeling that all mega decks have without building a huge deck is by creating different levels to your deck. You might have a main area for entertaining with several smaller areas for more private settings in which to visit. If your summer fun includes a dance floor, then, of course, you will want a large enough deck to dance the night away. A great addition to a dance floor deck is another level for a band. If you just want to cook out and visit with family, then built-in furniture is an awesome plus for your deck. One thing that makes a deck with different levels so awesome is the ability to use stairs as a focal point. Whether the stairs are wide enough to sit and visit on or even a stunning spiral staircase, stairs can add comfort and an elegance to any deck.

Special Features

When you design your deck, the first thing to consider is size and making sure your deck fits your house well. The deck design experts will guide you through each step by listening to your needs and looking at the kind of home you have and the size of your yard. They will show you the different materials that you can choose to construct your deck out of so that it will be durable and go with the style of your home. Once you have decided the basics you will want to choose any special features to add to your deck. If sitting around a fire with friends is how you imagine your deck, then a fire pit or fireplace is a must. Maybe you love the sound of running water while you entertain, then a water feature would make a great addition to your deck. From a fountain to a water wall, water always adds a nice touch to a deck. Another popular feature that many homeowners like is to have a tree-hugging deck with either trees surrounding the deck or growing up with the deck built around it. The features you add to your deck whether it be a pizza oven or a simple BBQ grill is up to you. Just imagine a summer breeze blowing gently while you are stretched out in your built-in hammock while sipping on your favorite drink. Now, that’s summer at its best!

When you get ready to take the fun outside to a new deck, the deck builders at Jancewicz & Son will create a custom deck that fits your entertaining style. We will bridge the gap from the first idea to the final completion – even if that includes a bridge over that fish pond you have always dreamed of. We will listen to you and help you to make your entertaining dream deck a reality. So call us today for a free deck construction quote.

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