DIY Roof Replacement – Does It Really Save You Money?

DIY Roof Replacement - Does It Really Save You Money?

Will going it alone with your DIY roof replacement really save you money at the end of the day?

Roof replacement can be an investment, and sometimes you’re on a tight budget. Although there’s a temptation to skip hiring a professional roofer to install your roof and instead go the DIY route, it may not have the cost savings you expect. You may not have to pay for labor, but costs could rack up in other ways, and might even be more expensive in the long term. Let’s consider the different cost related issues tied to your DIY roof replacement today.

Short Term Costs

In theory, short term DIY roof replacement costs are considerably less than short term costs to have your roof replaced professionally. In a DIY roof replacement, you only have to pay for the materials needed to replace the roof, not labor — since you do the labor yourself. However, even here, there are catches. Depending on the time of year, a professional roofer might get a good deal from their supplier on roofing materials, thus enabling them to offer you a discount on the roofing materials. If it turns out that you need plywood replaced along with your roof, they may be able to cut you a deal there as well.

There’s also the issue of your time. Will you have to take time off work to replace the roof? You may lose paid time off in doing so, or worst case scenario, you may have to take unpaid time off to replace your roof. If that’s the case, you are, essentially, paying for labor.

Quality of the Installation

You also have to consider the long term costs, coming down to the quality of the installation. If the roof is made with cheap materials, or is installed improperly, you could have issues with heat loss — which causes your heating bills to spike in the winter, leaks, or damage that could lead to costly repairs or later replacements. A roofing professional will know exactly how to install your roof so that it lasts for years, and they’ll know the best roofing materials available to offer a truly durable, energy efficient roof in the first place.


Another thing to consider is insurance. Roofers often come with roofing insurance: typically general liability insurance and worker’s compensation. This means that if something goes wrong on the job — if your property is damaged or someone on the installation crew is hurt during the installation — you won’t be held liable, and you won’t have to pay a dime for it. On the other hand, DIY roof replacement projects don’t come with that kind of protection. If you or a friend helping out are hurt on the job, you can be dealing with costly medical bills, and there’s nothing to keep you from being held liable in the event of an accident.


Many professional roofers offer financing plans specifically so that you can work your roof replacement project into your budget. You can set up a payment plan to help spread the cost of the roof replacement out and make it more manageable. Thus while it may be a steeper (though perhaps worthwhile) investment to go with a professional roofer, the payments you make will feel considerably smaller.

At the end of the day, hiring a professional roofer comes with peace of mind and expertise that’s desperately needed for a roof replacement. Need help staying within your budget? Contact Jancewicz & Son today and ask about our financing plans.

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