DIY VS Professional Window Installation

DIY VS Professional Window Installation In
Pomfret, VT: Which Is The Best Choice?

Ensure Your Replacement Windows Complement
Your Home And Are Properly Installed

When your Pomfret, VT windows have seen their best days and are now the bane of your existence, it is time to consider replacement windows. If you have to use every bit of your strength to open them or when you look through them, you’re reminded of a fun house mirror, then new windows are the only way to go.

There are tons of reasons why homeowners decide to replace the windows in their Windsor County home. Whatever your reason, one of the main decisions to make right now is whether you will install the windows on your own or hire a professional.

The Dangers Associated With DIY Window Installation

If you watch any YouTube video or DIY home show, they make it seem like installing your home’s windows would be super simple. They make it look like you just need to use a little silicone here or there, add a couple of screws, and viola, you have beautiful windows that you installed yourself.

These types of shows may even suggest that responsible homeowners learn how to install windows independently to ensure the safety of their property. However, before you fall for all the DIY hype, you need to know the dangers associated with DIY window installation.

One of the biggest dangers of DIY window installation is the actual process. Do you have all the tools it will take to do this? Can you get the window flush to your home so there are no drafts or leaks when it rains?

Furthermore, are you strong enough to hold the windows while installing them? Do you have someone to help you?

These are all critical questions to ask when completing your own project. If you answer no to some of these questions, then any installation you attempt will likely be disastrous.

In addition, DIY window installation can cost you more than you think. Yes, it can be tempting to think you will save thousands of dollars by installing the windows on your own. However, you may be losing energy through improperly installed windows, costing you each month.

Plus, completing the installation yourself will often void any warranty. This means that if there is an issue with the actual window and you installed it yourself, you may be footing the bill for replacing it.

The Benefits Of Professional Window Installation

Professional window installation means you have trained people who know how to work together to install a window properly. So, you won’t have to try to find the right tools or someone to help you while you hope for the best.

Another benefit is that you often have a more extensive selection of windows to choose from than your local home improvement store. And these windows can often be customized to fit your home’s needs.

Along with customization, they have a warranty you can rely on because professionals have installed your windows.

Professional installation may cost you more upfront, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing your windows are installed correctly is priceless. Plus, proper installation means you won’t suffer from higher energy bills!

Always Go With Professional Installation
For Your Pomfret, VT Home

Which is the best option: DIY or professional installation? Professional window installation is the winner all the way around.

You will get more window choices that can be customized, a trained team of professionals to properly complete the installation, and a warranty for the work that is done. You can simply sit back and watch your new windows be installed and enjoy the beauty they bring to your home.

If you live in the Pomfret, VT area and are looking for new windows for your home, Jancewicz & Son is here to help.

We offer a variety of windows that are measured and made to fit your home. Our Marvin windows come in a variety of styles, including casement, double-hung, and more. With what we offer, you can easily create a new look for your home.

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