Do Rain Gutters Add Value to Your Home?

Newport, NH Rain Gutter Installation

Most of us know that a new roof can add value to your home, but what about rain gutters? Rain gutters protect your roof, as well as the rest of your home, when storms come. It’s certainly easy to see that your home would be worse off without them. But how, if at all, can they add value to your home? Here’s our case:

Curb Appeal

True, most people won’t spend that much time staring at your rain gutters when they look at your home. However, your roof protects the walls of your home which are often among the first things anyone will notice about your home. If you have a fresh paint job, water damage can fade the color or create a blotchy effect. Water that gets into siding can not only fade the color but warp the boards, depending on the type of siding you have. By funneling rain water away from your home, your walls can stay in shape and your curb appeal can stay in its prime.

Energy Efficiency

Sometimes the water goes further than the surface of the walls. It might leak through your siding, getting into the insulation of your home and weakening it or causing mold or mildew problems. Too much storm damage to a roof can cause leaks or roof rot, all of which will affect the temperature control inside. When your home isn’t well insulated, you’ll have to rely more on heating and cooling to keep it comfortable. That means your energy bills will go up. If your rain gutters do their job properly, your bills will go down, making your home more energy efficient. It’s a desirable trait on the housing market today.


Finally, rain gutters help to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible. The lifespan of your roof largely comes down to your climate and the roofing materials you choose, but the right protection will make years worth of difference. Thus rain gutters help to boost the return on investment of your roof, and if you choose to put your home on the market, a roof in good shape will sell more easily than a leaky roof. The same can apply for your siding or the shape of your porch. 

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