Does Whole-Home Window Replacement Increase A Home’s Value?

Two men installing a replacement window with a suction cup device


Have you ever seen a gorgeous classic car running around your town? You keep trying to get a better look at it but traffic always gets in the way until, one day, you see it parked at the store. You’re all excited to finally get a closeup view but, as you get closer, you start to see nicks and scratches, and even cheap aftermarket add ons that don’t even make sense.

What will be on your mind the next time you see that car? Exactly. The dream car is forever a junker after seeing it up close. The less pleasant image will erase the happy one every time.

That is precisely how homebuyers respond when they view a gorgeous home with worn-out, barely functioning windows. The vaulted ceilings, incredible stairway, and great style all go right out…well…the window.


You Can’t Get Past Old Windows.

Homebuyers can look past many flaws, but there is a hierarchy to what they are willing to accept. Tired-looking kitchen? A chance to update! Cramped bathroom? We can knock out a wall! But rough-looking windows? Let’s look at the next house.

There is nothing rational about the hierarchy of doom, but it exists all the same. Replacing windows is met with the same joy and anticipation as a root canal.

Maybe our brains can’t accept investing so much money into something that we can see through? Who knows? All we do know is that few things will send buyers running out the door more quickly than the prospect of having to buy new windows.


Replacement Windows And Home Value.

So, will replacing all your windows increase your home’s value? Absolutely. But, more importantly, they will keep that value from dropping like a rock.

If you are asking the question, something is bothering you about your current windows and, if they bug you, then no homebuyer will give them a pass. Maybe they are hard to open, sit crooked, or are drafty as can be. Whatever the issue, you can bet that a homebuyer will notice and exit soon after.

While your home’s value may not move a whole lot with replacement windows, it will sell faster than if you’d left the old windows in and at a price much closer to what you are asking.


If Homebuyers Hate Replacing Windows,

Why Should I Bother If I’m Not Selling?

So perhaps you are wondering why you should bother with new windows before you are ready to sell? Well, for the same reason that homebuyers demand good windows in the homes they purchase. Life with old, worn-out, and drafty windows is less pleasant and more expensive. They prefer new windows because not replacing old windows isn’t an acceptable option.

High-quality multi-pane windows can increase your home’s R-Value by up to 40%. That’s a massive decrease in heat loss that will reflect in your energy bills. If you opt for double-hung windows, cleaning the glass is a breeze, so you’ll be more likely to keep the glass clean and your home looking brighter.

And on those perfect days, you won’t have to decide if fighting your windows open is worth the effort or if it’s just easier to keep the AC going. More savings! And a much nicer way to live. Nothing freshens up a home like a nice breeze through open windows.

If you are ready to get replacement windows for your New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Vermont home, contact us at Jancewicz & Son for a free estimate.

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