Don’t Wait for the First Blast of Cold to Replace Your Windows

Replacement Windows in Vermont

Winter is coming. Make sure your replacement windows get here first.

No one likes to have work done on their home in the winter, especially in Vermont where our winters can be quite harsh. Weather delays and cold drafts make homeowners look to winter window replacement with a sense of dread. But if you haven’t had your windows replaced yet this year, it’s important to do so before the first blast of cold comes in. Don’t wait until next spring. Here are a few reasons to replace your windows before it gets too cold:

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is important any time of year, but especially in winter. As the cold winds and winter storms blow in, your old windows might not be able to stand up to the task. You could find yourself dealing with drafts and window condensation. You’ll almost certainly have to deal with higher HVAC bills, as your heating has to work doubly hard to make up for the cold air leaking in and hot air escaping. Replacement windows can add a more efficient seal to your windows, so that your home stays comfortable without your HVAC bills going up.

The Danger of Old Windows

Not only are old windows typically less energy efficient, but they can be dangerous during the winter. Glass can become bitter and more likely to crack in the midst of cold weather. Wood window frames can splinter, warp, and rot. Window condensation — damp that appears on the inside of your window when the cold air leaking in meets the warm air inside — can lead to issues with mold around the windows. The older the window is, the more dangerous it can be at this time of year, so it’s better to replace it with something newer and more secure.

Less Stress

If you put off your replacement window installation until the last minute, you’re often left feeling rushed and harried when the time comes to actually have the window installed. Chances are you’re already feeling the discomfort from the cold by then, and every moment that you spend waiting for your replacement windows, will feel like agony. Replace your windows instead while you still have time without it feeling urgent.

If you need to replace your windows before the first blast of cold comes in this year, contact Jancewicz & Son today for more information or a free quote.

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