Door Replacement Across the Seasons

Door Replacement Massachusetts

The seasons are changing again in Massachusetts, and replacing doors in the fall can be different from replacing doors in the summer. In fact, each season offers its own set of benefits and challenges when it comes to door replacement. Here’s a breakdown of each of the four seasons and how they can affect your door replacement.


Spring is a popular time for door replacement because of the mild temperatures. However, heavy rains can make door replacement a challenge so most homeowners prefer late spring for their door replacements. With fair weather and longer days, this is an excellent time of year for installation crews to do the work. The main downside is that the later in the spring you try to schedule your door replacement, the busier the contractor will be, so you might not have as much freedom as you’d like when it comes to scheduling.


The main advantages to replacing doors in the summer is the sunny weather, long days, and more dry than rainy days. You’re far less likely to have weather delays in the summer than any other season. This is still a particularly busy time for contractors, so you may have trouble when it comes to scheduling and availability. You also have to take into consideration the heat. However, the right contractor can take precautions to ensure that your home is protected from the heat so you don’t sweat while the installation crew works.


Like spring, autumn has the advantage of being milder than the seasons surrounding it. Particularly in early autumn, the temperature should be just right to stay comfortable even while your door is being replaced. Also like spring, autumn is full of rainy days. In fact, rain storms in autumn tend to last longer than those in spring. It also becomes chillier as the season goes on and the days become shorter. Another benefit is that if you have kids, they’ll be in school, and you won’t have to worry about keeping them out of the way of the installation crew. You’ll have much more freedom when it comes to scheduling in autumn, and you probably won’t have to worry about the harsher weather that comes in winter.


Winter is rarely what homeowners picture when they imagine work being done on the exterior of their home. It’s cold, there’s inclement weather and the days are considerably shorter. However, there are benefits to scheduling your door replacement for winter. The first is scheduling, of course. You’ll likely be able to have your pick of days for the work to be done. Another benefit is cost. Often suppliers offer contractors deals on the materials during winter, so the contractor saves money and, by extension, the homeowner saves money.

Which season do you prefer for your door replacements in Massachusetts? If the answer is fall or winter, contact Jancewicz & Son today for a free estimate!

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