Everything You Need To Know About NH Replacement Window Warranties

Replacement Window Warranties For Your
New Hampshire Home

Get Informed About Your Warranties Before And After Replacing Windows In Your Home

When shopping for replacement windows for your New Hampshire home, it’s crucial to understand warranties. Knowing what the warranty for your replacement windows covers before making a purchase can protect you in the future.

Likewise, once you have purchased replacement windows and had them installed in your home, it’s important to keep good records of the warranty in case any problems arise.  A good warranty gives you peace of mind because they keep working long after your installer leaves.

Here at Jancewicz & Son, we carry and install Marvin Windows for our customers. Not only are they the best products on the market, but they offer the most comprehensive and longest-lasting warranties in the business.

So how do Marvin window warranties work? Marvin windows are covered under a limited warranty, and defects that fall into the following categories may lead to window replacement, repair, or refund at the manufacturer’s discretion. 

Glass Components

Marvin windows give homeowners reliability and beauty across the board. Plus, all Marvin windows come with an industry-leading limited warranty. For factory-installed glass components of your windows, the standard insulating glass with stainless steel spacers is covered against seal failure for 20 years.

The seal failure must be caused by a manufacturing defect and result in visible damage through the glass. This part of the warranty covers window sizes up to sixty square feet. If your window is over sixty square feet, your glass components are covered for ten years.

Non-tempered glass is protected under warranty against stress cracks caused by manufacturing defects for ten years. 

Non-Glass Components

For non-glass components and window hardware, your warranty covers manufacturing defects for ten years. If you live in a coastal region, your window’s stainless steel hardware and hardware with PVD finishes are covered against manufacturing defects that result in abnormal deterioration of the finish for up to ten years.

However, other hardware finishes are not covered under warranty in coastal environments. Electric operators and other motorized accessories fall under the same warranty’s provisions.

Exterior Cladding Finish

The standard exterior aluminum cladding finish on your Marvin windows is covered against manufacturing defects that result in chalk, fade, and loss of adhesion for twenty years. However, anodized finishes and specialty exterior finishes are covered against manufacturer defects for five years from purchase.

If your home is within one mile of an ocean coast or other body of salt water, your standard exterior aluminum cladding finish is warranted against manufacturing defects that lead to abnormal deterioration caused by corrosion and/or loss of adhesion for ten years.

In this case, “abnormal deterioration” is defined as damage to the finish, like peeling, flaking, or blistering, beyond normal wear for an ocean coastline environment. Unfortunately, anodized or other specialty finishes are not covered under warranty in coastal environments.

Marvin’s standard exterior composite cladding finish is covered against manufacturing defects for ten years.

Interior Finish

Factory-applied interior wood finish is covered for five years against finish defects, which include cracking, peeling, checking, delamination, blistering, flaking, excessive chalking, and, for painted interior finishes, fading or change in color. These events must be caused during normal interior environmental conditions.

It should be noted that the color of wood changes and is prone to darken over time, which is not considered a defect. This occurrence may not be prevented despite using wood stains or clear finishes, which could lead to more noticeable color change in your window woods.

It should also be known that natural variations in your window wood grain may be enhanced by the interior finish and are not a defect. If you choose to paint your windows, it must be done with factory-applied wood primer within ninety days of window installation, and you must follow Marvin’s finishing instructions to stay within the boundaries of your warranty.

Factory-applied interior aluminum finish is covered against manufacturing defects for twenty years, while anodized interior aluminum finish is warranted against manufacturing defects for five years.

When It Comes To Window Replacement Warranties In
New Hampshire, We’ve Got You Covered

Since 1933, we’ve been providing the people of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts with the best-quality window replacements. After thoroughly researching windows, and from decades of experience, we feel confident in offering our customers Marvin windows.

With the number of styles and colors, we have windows for every kind of home, allowing you to personalize your windows. Prevent cold drafts, high energy bills, and nonfunctioning windows with Jancewicz & Son.

Quality matters to us, which is why we only give our customers the best, from premium products to incredible installations. Plus, if you have any questions about your window warranty, call us, and we’ll talk you through what your warranty covers and how to use it.

Contact us today for a free window replacement estimate and get started on your project! 

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