Exterior Door Installation Is A Job For The Experts

Exterior Door Installation New Hampshire

Consider exterior door installation a “do not try this on your own” task.

Your exterior doors are often the first impression anyone sees of your home. They welcome guests in. They stand out to newcomers even from the street or driveway. If your exterior door makes the right impression, guests are sure to be impressed with the curb appeal of your home. If not, it could set the tone for their entire opinion of your home.

Many New Hampshire homeowners would like to be able to say they installed their exterior doors all on their own. It’s a nice thought, but reality is a little more complicated. It takes time, tedious work, and expertise as to how your exterior doors should be installed and should seal your home. It may seem more affordable to do the project on your own, but if you want it done right and without stressing yourself out, you want to hire a professional. Here are just a few aspects exterior door installation DIYers often don’t consider until they’re knee deep in the project.


You might be a particularly crafty person and you think you’re up for the job of installing your exterior doors. However, you probably also have a life. Exterior door installation can be incredibly time-consuming, especially when you’re attempting it for the first time. It’s not just about the time it takes to install the new door. It’s about the time it takes to ensure that the new door fits the measurements of the door frame perfectly, paint or stain it if need be, let it dry, remove the old door, and finally install the door. If you run into problems or do any of the steps out of order, this can take even longer. 

DIY exterior door installation can take the entire weekend for the homeowner — and in the meantime, of course, you don’t have a door. On the other hand, professionals do most of the prepwork off-site, so the time spent without a door is minimized.  They also know exactly what to expect so they can finish the job quickly.


Do you know all the tools you need in order to do an exterior door installation on your own? Don’t just trust that you already have everything at home. Finding that you need more tools than you previously expected is all too common and takes up even more time. It also helps to rack up the cost of the project. If you have to constantly leave to buy new tools or take off of work to finish your door installation, you’re not saving the money you expected. A professional exterior door installer does this constantly, however, and will have all the necessary tools ready.


Exterior doors don’t simply hang off the hinges and that’s that. In fact, the way your door fits into the door frame is essential when it comes to the seal of your home. That’s why the door needs to be measured perfectly: too large, and it will be prone to sticking and swelling; too small and your home will be subject to drafts. It has to be perfectly level and have a good quality material in order to keep out drafts and keep heat in. And of course, there’s your curb appeal to consider. If your door installation is shoddy, neighbors will be able to tell and the look will only get worse as time goes on.


Another thing that homeowners don’t consider when they declare that DIY jobs would be cheaper is liability. Most professional contractors are insured and bonded, often with workers’ compensation. That means that if anything happens on the job, their insurance will cover it and you won’t be held liable. You have no such protection during a DIY job, however. Any accidents that happen on the job you’ll have to pay for in full, sometimes devastating your budget. Consider warranties, as well. Your door may come with a manufacturing warranty, but professional installation comes with a labor warranty, making your burden much lighter if you need to have the door replaced.

If you want a quality exterior door installation, you need a professional contractor. However, even if your priority is cost, you might be surprised by how much a DIY installation without the expertise of a professional contractor can add up. The truth is, you’re always better off leaving important home improvement jobs to the professionals. And with 85 years of experience, you can trust Jancewicz & Son. We even offer financing to make sure it fits within your budget. Contact us today for more information.

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