Financing Can Save You Thousands Down The Road

Distraught couple on a couch as one catches a water leak with a pan while the other calls for help


This headline would never survive an economics class, but no accountant is out there swinging a hammer either. When it comes to home repairs and remodeling, financing isn’t about ‘more’ so much as it is about ‘right now’. And right now is always your best option for solving a structural problem with your home.


Would You Wait To Put Out A Fire?

Any problem you discover with your home is rarely new. Reaching the point where the issue is noticeable usually takes weeks, months, or even years. By the time it stands out enough to poke you in your very busy brain, the damage can be pretty serious or soon will be.


The best time to take care of a problem with your home is always right now. Waiting to address the issue causes the issue to grow and potentially snowball into other parts of the structure of your home. Wait long enough, and you could add thousands to the cost of the repair. In that way, home damage is no different than a fire. You simply can’t afford to wait.


The Excuses We Give Ourselves

We get it. Home repair and remodeling are scary concepts. They are messy, disrupt your life, and involve barrels of money. The temptation to wait until ‘the right time” to make a repair is strong, but that pile of money you are worried about is only going to get bigger and bigger the longer you wait.


Some will tell themselves that they’ll save up first and then get it done. But as you take the time to save up, the problem grows. Once you reach your goal, there’s a good chance that the issue is now far worse, and those goalposts have moved. A lot.


Who Can Financing Help? Everyone!

No matter your financial situation, financing can help you out. From those living check to check to those who cut the checks, financing gives you options you might not have otherwise.


Protect Your Investment

As we said above, the earlier you act, the better off you will be. For example, if your home needs servicing now, but your bank account says, “Gimmee a minute,” financing will let you take care of the problem before it becomes an emergency.


Protect Your Savings

Even if you have the necessary cash on hand, you might have long-term plans for that money. It could be your family’s college fund, your dream vacation, or the down payment on that car you’ve always wanted.


It doesn’t matter why; all that matters is that you have plans for that money, and none of those plans involve lumber, siding, or shingles. Financing your home project or repair lets that nest egg continue to grow.


Maximize The Impact

Maybe you have enough free funds to cover a bottom dollar upgrade or repair, but you want more out of your money. Yes, those gutters are falling apart and putting your foundation at risk every time it rains, but it sure would be nice to replace them with seamless gutters and those fancy round downspouts.


Double-pane windows are nice, but triple-pane windows will make your home more efficient.


Sure, asphalt shingles are great, but a metal roof will last so long that your grandkids will appreciate it when they inherit your home in 50 years. 


With financing, you can opt for higher quality installations and more extensive repairs.


Isn’t It Hard To Get Financing?

Many homeowners make the mistake of giving up on financing without even trying to get approved. You don’t need to be adding a new room to get financed.


At Jancewicz & Son, we work with many financing companies, making it easy to find a plan that fits your needs and budget. It’s in our best interest to help you find a financing company that will work with you and in our nature to make sure you get the best plan available.


Other Options Few Consider

There are other opportunities that can help you get the high-quality installations you prefer. Most any project that improves the efficiency of your home (or is recognized by the government as an effort to lower the carbon footprint of your home) is qualified for a variety of incentives. From a small tax rebate at the federal level to local incentives that could help you out with the expense, there are programs out there to help you afford your project.


We live in an era that appreciates all efforts to make our lives more energy-efficient, and there is no better time to decide to improve your home and fix those problems and inefficiencies you’ve been living with for way too long.


Between the ready availability of multiple financing options and incentives from every corner, it really couldn’t be easier to turn your home into the fine-tuned machine you’ve always wanted it to be.

If you need a major home repair or want to upgrade and would like to learn what financing options are available, contact us at Jacewicz & Son, and we’ll be glad to help!

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