Five Steps To Prepare Your Home For Installing Your Replacement Windows

A technician adjusting a replacement window with his screwdriver


Installation Day is just around the corner, and you can’t wait to enjoy the comfort and convenience of your new windows on your New Hampshire home. But before the installers arrive at your home, you have some work of your own to do to get ready.

While our workers are trained to take excellent care of your home, replacement window installation still involves a certain level of force, vibration, and moving about. Pulling out the old windows and installing the new window systems takes a good deal of effort, and preparation is the key to a smooth process.


1) Prepare The Space Around Your Windows

We all love decorating our windows with carefully selected blinds, curtains, drapes, and nicknacks that bring color into the room when the sun shines. Unfortunately, to an installer, those things are all in the way and can slow them down.

Make sure you take down your window coverings, including valances, as well as anything you might have hanging in your windows.

You should also remove anything you have on the walls in the vicinity of each window, just to keep them safe from getting bumped or accidentally damaged. 


2) Move And Cover Your Furniture

A lot goes on during replacement window installation, and your installers will need all the room they can get. Make sure that there isn’t any furniture near your windows, so your installers have clear access to their workspace. 

Window installation can also kick up a lot of dust, so you’ll want to place tarps or sheets over your furniture to protect it from the mess. You should also place coverings over anything you don’t want getting dusty from the work process.


3) Clear The Area Outside Your Windows

Much of the installation activity happens on the outside of your home. Cover plants you want to protect, and consider cutting back any areas that have overgrown the pathways leading to your windows.

Replacement window assemblies are larger and heavier than you think, and your installers will appreciate having a clear path as they get your new windows to where they belong.

You should also double-check for toys, hoses, or anything else that might cause an installer to trip.

Any decorations, including shutters, should be removed, if possible. We don’t want you on ladders wrestling with large items, but any items that can be easily removed from the window frame should be pulled off and set aside.


4) Create A Staging Area Outside

Pick an area that makes sense to you and is open enough to neatly stack materials. Then advise your installers where it is when they arrive. That way, they will have a convenient spot to set their supplies without causing any damage to your foliage or property.


5) Have A Plan For Keeping Pets And Children Safe

Small children are often fascinated by large projects such as replacement window installation. All those workers and tools attract curious eyes like bees to honey, and sometimes the littlest ones are hard for our installers to spot.

The last thing anyone wants is an injured child, so please make sure they know to stay away from the installation crews.

Pets, especially Fido, love to meet new humans, but it isn’t safe for them to be where there could be splinters or nails on the ground. While our installers always keep a tidy work area, things can get missed until the final cleanup for the day.

So we request that you keep your pets indoors or secured away from the work area until our installers are finished with your project.


A Prepared Worksite Is A Safe Worksite

These five simple steps will make your installation experience as pain free and enjoyable as possible. With your help, our installers will be able to get in, set up, get it done, and clean up in no time at all.

Our goal is to always leave our workspaces looking better than when we arrived, and freedom of movement helps us keep that promise.

If you need replacement windows for your New Hampshire area home, contact us at Jancewicz & Son for a free estimate.


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