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When you are installing entry doors in Ludlow, VT, there are several things you need to consider. Of course, we all want doors that are luxurious and beautiful. Your front entry door is one of the first things people see when they look at your home.

A door with beautiful detail or perfectly textured glass can revitalize your home’s curb appeal. Homeowners should also consider their door’s energy efficiency. Energy-efficient doors can make a massive difference in your home.

During our freezing winters, an energy-efficient door can ensure that you can stay warm and cozy in your home no matter how cold it is outside without seeing a massive spike in your energy bill.

Perhaps one of the most important things for homeowners to consider when they are purchasing and installing their front entry door is security.

Your door needs to be strong enough to stand up against storms and intruders. They are responsible for keeping people safe within your home and ensuring that you feel protected at all times.

You may be wondering what the best materials are for front entry door security. Don’t worry. Jancewicz & Son is here to help with a guide to the safest materials for your entry door replacement.

Steel Entry Doors Can Stand Up To Anything

Steel entry doors are built to be strong, durable, and incredibly long-lasting. They don’t dent or scratch, and they are an excellent option for any homeowner searching for the best way to keep their home secure.

Steel doors are designed to stand up to anything, even strong blows from an intruder. When you install steel entry doors into your home, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family will remain safe and protected.

A steel door can be fitted with a specialty locking system that makes it incredibly difficult to break into. Any intruder will certainly be fighting a losing battle if they attempt to break into these entry doors.

Steel entry doors are also incredibly beautiful and energy-efficient. So, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with this material, as well as the stunning aesthetic that steel doors deliver.

Our incredible ThermaTru doors are perfect for any homeowner and can offer a touch of elegance to your home while keeping you safe from intruders. There’s no way you can go wrong.

Fiberglass Entry Doors Offer Elegance And Security

Fiberglass entry doors are an elegant and luxurious option for homeowners searching to add a sense of uniqueness to their homes. This incredibly versatile material can be designed to look like beautiful mahogany wood or painted to match your ideal style.

They are energy-efficient and incredibly durable. Fiberglass entry doors are also dependable. You can count on this material to keep your family safe for a lifetime.

Fiberglass entry doors can withstand an abundance of force and are designed to stand up against almost anything. As an added bonus, they are fire-resistant and don’t lose strength during extreme temperature changes.

When you install a ThermaTru fiberglass door into your Ludlow, VT home, you are guaranteed to feel safer and love the elegance that the door provides your home.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Wood Entry Doors

Wood entry doors are another wonderful option for any homeowner searching for the perfect way to keep their home safe and revitalize their curb appeal.

This incredibly versatile material can come in various types of wood and colors. Homeowners interested in installing wood entry doors to their homes should know that they often require more maintenance to withstand their durability and stability than fiberglass and steel.

However, if a wood door is well-maintained and taken care of, it is a highly dependable material you can rely on to protect your home from intruders.

Installing Your Entry Doors With Care

One of the most important aspects of choosing the perfect entry doors to keep your home safe is ensuring that whatever option you choose is installed correctly.

Whether you choose to install wood, fiberglass, or steel doors in your home, you need to turn to a reputable company like Jancewicz & Son to make sure they are installed with absolute precision.

Exterior entry doors installed inefficiently can lose their secure features and likely won’t be as reliable. So, turn to the experts who custom-fit doors to your home, guaranteeing you remain safe.

If you are interested in installing replacement entry doors in your home in Ludlow, VT, contact the experts at Jancewicz & Son for your free estimate today.

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