Home Maintenance Tips (Windows, Siding + More)

Even the best products need home maintenance. It might be low maintenance, but there will still be work you need to do. That’s where Jancewicz & Son has you covered!

Jancewicz & Son has over 83 years of experience in the home improvement industry. We not only offer top notch products in the industry, but we back those up with expert care and installation. But even the best products and the best installation need home maintenance. It might be low maintenance, but there will still be work you need to do.

That’s where Jancewicz & Son has you covered again, with these home maintenance tips.


  1. Roof Maintenance Tips
  2. Gutter Maintenance Tips
  3. Siding Maintenance Tips
  4. Window Maintenance Tips
  5. Door Maintenance Tips

 roof maintenance image

Roof Maintenance Tips

A roof over your home protects your family from storms, cold, debris, and pests. In order for your roof to protect your home, however, you have to protect your roof with regular maintenance. This maintenance will often depend on the type of roof you have — whether shingles, metal, flat, or more. Some roof maintenance tips include

  1. Inspect your roof from the ground and from the attic.
  2. Keep your gutters well maintained.
  3. Keep all roof flashing sealed tightly.
  4. Clear debris from the roof.
  5. Look out for mold, mildew, and algae.
  6. Trim back nearby trees.

 Gutter maintenance picture of gutter with icicle

Gutter Maintenance Tips

Gutter maintenance can be a part of roof maintenance. Indeed, you need to keep your gutters in good shape in order to ensure a healthy roof. But your gutters also protect your home’s siding, and even the foundational soil of your home. Your gutters are an essential part of your home, so make sure to maintain them well with these tips:


  1. Clean the gutters twice a year.
  2. Take proper safety precautions when cleaning gutters, such as non-slip shoes, goggles, and masks.
  3. Lay a plastic tarp on the ground to protect your yard.
  4. Check for and seal any scratches and cracks.
  5. Trim back nearby trees.
  6. Install a gutter cap to prevent clogging. 

 siding maintenance image of a house with yellow siding

Siding Maintenance Tips

Your siding is the skin that surrounds your home, one of the biggest impressions your home makes on friends and family who come to visit. Siding maintenance can mean the difference between a beautiful, fresh looking home and one that looks faded and worn. Here are some of our siding maintenance tips:

  1. Vinyl siding is a lower maintenance option than wood siding.
  2. Repaint or re-treat wood siding every 2-5 years.
  3. Clean your siding annually.
  4. Don’t power wash your siding, but use a mixture of gentle soap and water.
  5. Keep your lawn mower and grill away from the walls of your home.
  6. Inspect your siding annually.

 window maintenanace image of a home window and curtains with a potted plant in the sunlight

Window Maintenance Tips

Your windows do more than simply offer you beautiful views into the outside world. Windows can help to light your home, can boost your home value, and can have a significant impact on your energy efficiency. So window maintenance is about more than simply making sure the glass is clear, though that is important. Here are our window maintenance tips:

  1. Inspect your windows annually.
  2. Lubricate any hardware like locks and the window tracks.
  3. Repair cracks right away.
  4. Clean your windows — inside and out — once a month.
  5. Use and maintain low-e coatings.
  6. Check the caulking and reseal any cracks to keep out drafts.

 door maintenance image of a home with a green door

Door Maintenance Tips

Your entry door is one of the first things people will notice about your home. It makes a big statement — and it does more than that. If your door is sturdy and secure, it protects your home from both pests and home invasion. If your door is neglected, the appearance can begin to look worn, but it can also make your home less secure. Here are our tips for door maintenance:

  1. Lubricate hardware like hinges, knobs, and locks.
  2. Clean the door once a month with a soft cloth and gentle cleaning solutions, based on the door material.
  3. Use Murphy’s Oil soap for wrought iron.
  4. Inspect your door regularly for swelling, scratches, dents, or warping.
  5. Weatherstrip during the winter.
  6. Repaint your door when the color begins to fade.

Need more help with maintenance or repairs when it comes to your home’s exteriors? Contact Jancewicz & Son today. We have 83+ years of experience and top notch products to help you keep your home in the best shape possible.

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