Homeowner Beware: How Some Home Improvement Companies Take Advantage of Homeowners

Homeowner Beware: How Some Home Improvement Companies Take Advantage of Homeowners

Know the difference between a home improvement company that gives you an advantage and one that takes advantage of you.

We all know that one person who trusts absolutely no one and assumes that someone is always trying to trick them. That kind of paranoia is far from ideal, but a pinch of caution doesn’t hurt and actually might be for the best. While many are above board, there are home improvement companies that will try to take advantage of homeowners. Trust your instincts. If something sparks a red flag for you, listen to that. Here are a few ways that home improvement companies will try to take advantage of homeowners:

High Pressure Sales Tactics

Almost all home improvement companies will offer a free estimate or quote to give the homeowners an idea of what they can do for them and at what cost. However, some home improvement companies will follow up that estimate with a condition that if the homeowner doesn’t make a decision within 24 hours, the price will go up. They do this to prevent homeowners from looking into other home improvement companies or doing any further research, pressuring them to make a decision as soon as possible. A trustworthy home improvement company will be confident enough in their work to let the homeowner make a decision.

Storm Chasers

We’ve all heard of attorneys who are “ambulance chasers,” but some home improvement companies have similar methods of business. These are the home improvement companies that suddenly crop up the day after a bad storm, offering a free roof inspection. They might even go door-to-door. Unfortunately, some of these alleged roofing companies will perform a roofing inspection to cause the damage to the roof, ask for money upfront to fix it, and then disappear. Make sure that you do your research on any company before you let them near your home. 

Wrong Skill Set

Home improvement is a broad category. It could mean bathroom remodeling or it could mean roofing. It could mean house painting or window replacement. Not every home improvement company has experience in all areas. In fact, even if they list the service on their website, that doesn’t mean they do it well. A crooked home improvement company will, however, take the job if you order it, regardless of whether they can provide quality service. Make sure you ask for examples of their past experience doing the work you need before you hire them.

The best ways to avoid being taken advantage of by home improvement companies is to listen to your instincts, do your research, and trust reputable, local experience. Jancewicz & Son has been operating locally for over 80 years, and we’re happy to help with your home improvement projects. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate.

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