How a Poor Gutter System Can Cause Major Issues Entering the New Year

Massachusetts Gutter System Installation

You may not think much about your roof gutter system. When you look at your roof system, it doesn’t stand out, just a thin outline circling the roof. But it is nonetheless very important to the health of your roof and even your home on the whole. As Massachusetts winter rages, followed by a rainy spring, your gutter system can make or break your roof, siding, and even your lawn. Here are a few ways that a poor gutter system can damage your home in major ways:


The goal of your gutter system is to funnel rain away from the home, protecting not just the home, but the surrounding lawn from heavy water damage as rain falls from the roof. With a poor gutter system or no gutter system at all, rain simply drops straight down, often weakening the soil around the foundation of your home. There are obvious concerns here, as the health of your foundation is critical to the health of your home as a whole. This can cause cracks and mold in your foundation and even, in the worst case scenario, a foundation collapse.


But before the water reaches the foundation, it will likely do more than a little damage to your home’s siding. When your gutters are clogged, water flows over, running down the siding instead of through the path of the gutter system. Even if your gutters aren’t clogged, leaks can cause a potential problem. Depending on the kind of siding you have, water can cause it to warp, swell, or mold. It can also weaken the bond of the siding, allowing cracks through which water can slip through and cause mold growth or structural problems within the walls of your home.


Not all rain water will flow over your clogged gutters. Some of it may pool on the roof, which can be especially problematic in the midst of Massachusetts winters. This water can become ice and even eventually lead to ice dams, in which the heat from inside of the home melts the bottom layers of the ice, but leaves the wet trapped beneath the solid top layers. Even without ice dams, water damage to the roof can lead to issues like roof rot or leakage, weakening not just the structure of your roof, but your whole home. 

A strong gutter system is essential to the health of your home, especially in the coming cooler and damper months. Contact Jancewicz & Son today for more information about a good gutter system or a free quote.

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