How to Recognize Window Supplier Scams

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With so many window suppliers out there, it’s hard to know who to trust. This can be made even more stressful considering that not every window supplier is as transparent and honest as they should be. You want to be careful to do your homework on the possible window scams out there and how to recognize them. Here are a few of our tips:

Selling Insert Replacements as Full Frame Replacements

There are two types of replacement window installations: full frame and insert. Full frame installation involves removing the old window, frame and all, and replacing it with a new window and frame. Insert replacement windows, on the other hand, are made to fit right into the frame. Full frame installations obviously involve more work, and thus are more expensive. However, many replacement window companies try to sell insert replacement windows as full frame replacements.

How do you tell the difference? Look for aluminum capping along the sides of the window. If you see it, you’re dealing with an insert replacement window.

Installing a Different Window Than Advertised

If the windows are in the same style, it can be hard to tell the difference between a high quality window and a cheaper window. Window supplier scams count on this. They will pressure you into choosing the highest quality option for your home, but when it comes time for installation, they’ll install the cheaper option. Make sure that you choose a company who sells Energy Star rated windows to avoid having your ideal replacement window switched out for a cheaper knockoff.

Boasting About Quality Without Proof

It’s easy for a window supplier to say that their window is the best. It’s harder to prove. Replacement window suppliers may tell you that their windows will save you “thousands” on your energy bills or that they’re the best out of all the competition. However, you should always ask them for specifics…and proof to back up those specifics. You can also take a look at their reviews or testimonials to make sure that their customers have had the same level of confidence.

Want to avoid a window supplier scam? Choose a window company you can trust, with over 80 years of local experience. Contact Jancewicz & Son today for more information or a free quote.

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