How to Snowproof Your Roof

How to Snowproof Your Roof

Winter weather is on its way, and by the time you’re reading this, you may have even seen a snowfall or two already. While snow might be pretty and exciting, it can also wreak havoc on your roof if it’s not guarded first. But you can take precautions to snowproof your roof so that you enjoy the winter weather without worrying about leaks or ice dams. Here are a few tips:

Gutters (and Gutter Caps)

Having good gutters is absolutely essential to protecting your roof at any time of year, but especially as winter storms come in. Gutters will collect any runoff and funnel it off your roof and away from your home. However, snow can often cause gutters to rust or warp when it melts, which is why it’s also important to install gutter caps. Gutter caps are there to protect your gutters, by letting snow and other debris in in small doses, giving it time to melt before it reaches your gutters.

Snow Guards

You can also consider installing snow guards to protect your roof and the lawn beneath your roof from falling snow. Snow guards are designed to hold snow from falling off the roof in sheets. Instead, the snow has to melt naturally, at which point it will drip into your roof gutters and run through your gutter system away from the home. These can be small, staggered tabs or a solid rail running across the roof. This is especially handy for sloped metal roofs, because of the slick surface.

Preventing Ice Dams

Even with these protections in place, you’ll want to scrape heavy sheets of snow off the roof when you get a chance in order to prevent ice dams. Ice dams occur when the bottom layer of snow melts due to the warmth coming from the attic, and then freeze due being trapped by the top layers of snow. This effect can cause roof leaks or roof rot and it can make certain roofing materials more brittle and breakable. Ice dams are among your major concerns when protecting your roof from snow. 

Need help to snowproof your roof this winter, or possibly need a stronger roof in order to withstand the snow? Let us help! Contact Jancewicz & Son today for more information or a free estimate.

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