How to Tell What Kind of Siding You Currently Have On Your Home

How to Tell What Kind of Siding You Currently Have On Your Home

Searching for replacement siding? If you’re going over your options and trying to determine what kind of material you want for your new siding, it helps to know first what kind of siding you have to begin with. But if you’re not a siding expert and you didn’t purchase the siding on your walls currently, how can you know for sure what kind of material it is? Fortunately, we have a few tips to identify your current siding.

Texture and Feel

Some siding textures are obvious. For instance, the smooth texture of stucco or the rough feeling of rock is hard to mistake for anything else. However, vinyl and fiber cement siding can both be made with a woodgrain design that’s meant to look authentic. Fiber cement siding even has some of the warmth of genuine wood, as it’s made partly with wood fibers. Authentic wood siding is likely to include more imperfections and knots, however, which is what makes it appealing to homeowners who love wood siding. 

Of the three, vinyl siding, while durable, is typically the lightest of the three. Try pushing on the surface of your siding. If it feels like it flexes somewhat, you’re probably dealing with vinyl siding.


Does your siding rot or swell when damaged by water? Does paint peel off of it in time? Chances are if you’re having issues with rotting or swelling, you’re dealing with wood siding. However, if your siding tends to stay smooth throughout the year, even resisting dents and scratches, you’re probably dealing with vinyl siding. If the siding has a similar feel to that of wood siding, but you find that it doesn’t rot or warp throughout the year, you’re likely dealing with fiber cement siding.


When was your siding installed? Wood siding has been used for several decades and vinyl siding became popular around the 1950s. Fiber cement siding, however, was not used on homes until the mid-1980s. Thus if your siding was installed 40+ years ago, you can rule out fiber cement siding. From there, it should be easy to tell the difference between vinyl and wood siding, as well as of course more distinct siding types, such as stucco or stone.

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