How Your Ceiling Might Be Telling You To Get a Roof Replacement

How Your Ceiling Might Be Telling You To Get a Roof Replacement

When there’s an issue with your roof, it can impact the rest of the house, but it usually starts with the ceiling. After all, your ceiling is closest to your roof, so it’s likely to be the first to feel the damage. You might notice wet stains on your ceiling and find them unappealing, but not think much of it. Before long, however, these issues could spread to the rest of your house and make your life rather uncomfortable. It’s important to pay attention when your ceiling is telling you to get a roof replacement.

The Cause of Water Stains

The cause of water stains on your ceiling is pretty obvious — it’s typically from a leak in the roof. If you have an attic, it may be a leak in the attic that has then spread to the ceiling. This leak could be caused by damage from debris, missing shingles, loose flashing, or a weakened roof due to roof rot. In some cases, a simple repair may be all that’s needed. But if your roof is more than 20 years old or is suffering from roof rot, a roof replacement may be the only thing that can help.

Dangers of Water Damage

Water stains on your ceiling don’t just look unattractive — they can be dangerous to your home, as well. Many homes have electrical wiring within their ceilings, especially if a light fixture hangs from the ceiling. Water damage could harm that electrical wiring or pose a safety hazard in the house. Moist, dark areas can also cause issues like mold and mildew. And don’t forget that water damage tends to spread. If left unchecked, it could travel to your walls or the structure of the home, weakening it. You could have leaking water drip into the rooms where you live your life. In extreme cases, it could weaken your ceiling so badly that it caves in.

What Do Water Stains Look Like?

Often, water stains on your ceiling aren’t actively dripping water although if it’s gotten bad enough, they certainly could be. Instead, you’re looking for something that looks almost like a coffee stain. It should be a light brown discoloration, perhaps in the shape of a puddle. If there are issues of mold, the area might appear gray and splotchy instead. There also might be some chipping of the surface of the ceiling that could give away signs of water damage.

Is your ceiling telling you to get a roof replacement? Jancewicz & Son can help you by installing a roof that will resist leaks and rot and last for years to come. Contact us today for more information or a free estimate.

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