Is Whole Home Window Replacement Worth The Cost?

Large home with turret room displaying a multitude of matching windows from every angle


Many Greater New Hampshire area homeowners develop a bit of a dry swallow when looking at the quote for replacing every window in their home. The first thing that will go through their mind is if the look is worth the cost? The second thought is which windows can they live without replacing? Well, allow us to answer those questions right here and now. Yes, and none.



Who Cares If You Don’t Replace Them All?

Who really looks at the windows anyway? So long as they are clean and not falling apart, they never get a second glance, right? Half right, yes. No homebuyer gives windows much attention… unless they don’t match. Then they get all the attention and more.

Think about what mismatched windows tell a buyer. First, they say that you went the cheapest route. Second, they suggest that you value dollars over quality. Last, they scream that you believe in the philosophy of ‘Good Enough’.

And if you think those homebuyers won’t be looking at the rest of your home with that same jaundiced view, you are fooling yourself. Even if you eventually replace them all over several years, the differences between batches will be easily spotted, causing the same effect as if you hadn’t bothered.


Think About Why You Are Replacing Windows.

Nobody replaces windows on a whim. Even one window is a major investment for most of us, so it is the last option most would choose. Maybe several have cracks (one cracked window can and will be ignored forever) or are difficult to move. Perhaps they are seriously drafty.

Whatever the reason, it has taken years to get to the point where you are willing to spend the money needed to solve the problem. Do you really believe all the other windows aren’t going to be just as bad down the road? Yes, wear and tear is a factor, and certain windows see more use than others, but the materials break down at the same pace. The bad window is no older than the good window. Soon enough, the good window will become the bad window. Pushing the can down the road is a job for politicians, not responsible homeowners.


The Benefits Of Whole Home Window Replacement.

The most obvious benefit is the look of new windows all around your home. They can make the entire home look fresher from the outside. But it goes deeper than that.

New windows are guaranteed to be more energy efficient than the ones they replaced. More efficiency means lower energy bills. And it is more than just the windows; it’s the modern installation techniques and the superior insulation wrapped around your new windows. Modern windows are also easier to keep clean, giving your home a brighter feel inside and out.

But if you only replace a few windows, all those benefits blow away in the draft from the ones you chose not to replace. Replacing some windows is like putting on just one new sneaker and thinking you’re going to rule on the court. A short time later, you’re looking at the ceiling, wondering what happened.


Ask The Right Question.

The question isn’t can you afford to replace all your home windows but can you afford not to? That’s not hyperbole either; it’s an honest question. If you have one or two bad windows, but a whole-home window replacement isn’t in the budget, then get ‘em fixed.

What you don’t want is two or three or four generations of windows throughout your home. More than a bad look, it makes a terrible impression on prospective buyers. It’s far better to wait until you are ready to do it right than to do it piecemeal over several years.


Use The System.

Let’s say you decide to wait because the price tag is just too high. Remember that financing the job today is just like spending the next several years replacing a few windows at a time. Use the mechanisms available to spread the expense over many years, just as if you did do it piecemeal, but with the benefit of getting it done all at the same time.

If you think your windows in your Greater New Hampshire area home need replacing, contact us at Jancewicz & Son for a free estimate. We have many financing options available and can fit the job to almost any budget.


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