Issues To Take Care Of Before Window Replacement

Issues To Address Before Getting Replacement
Windows In Hanover, New Hampshire

Think About These Before Scheduling
Your Window Installation Project

Replacement windows in Hanover, NH are a great investment that saves money on energy bills and improves the curb appeal of your home. But before you install replacement windows, it’s important to address certain issues to ensure the process of installation is as seamless as possible.

Jancewicz & Son is the number one window replacement service in Grafton County. We love improving lives with top-quality products. Before you get replacement windows, take a look at a few problems that could hinder service.

Address Window Frame Damage
Before You Install A Replacement

It’s crucial that your window frame or any part of the structure surrounding the window is free from serious damage before you replace your window. This includes the window frame, trim, and even the studs or baseboards on your wall.

If there is water damage or termite damage, it may bleed over into your new windows, especially if you choose something like wood windows. It’s also always best not to cover anything up that may cause issues later or be hazardous to your health. Your window replacement service can let you know if there are any signs of damage during consultation.

Consider The Size Of The Existing Window Slot
Before Your Window Replacement Service

The amount of construction work that goes into installing a new window affects the installation process greatly. New construction is much different than just getting a replacement window. It’s best to install a window that is the same size that you already have. But if you hire a remodeling company, they are able to install new windows that are larger, giving you a lot more options than a window replacement company that doesn’t do home remodeling.

Do You Need Financing For A Window
Replacement In Grafton County?

Financing is crucial for many homeowners in New Hampshire. Getting a payment plan that can help you pay for your window replacement on your own time reduces stress and makes windows much easier to afford. Application forms are easy to fill out and rarely require superb credit scores. Look for financing options that are either interest-free or long-term to give you the most control over how you spend your money.

Decide On Any Changes To Home Design
Before Your Window Installation

Are you keeping the home design you have? That’s something to consider before you get your new windows. If you’re keeping the same aesthetic for your home, then you can choose windows that fit that. But if you plan on changing anything else soon, then it’s better to slow down and plan that out before choosing windows.

While the windows you have in mind now may be perfect for the current setting, it may be better to opt for a different set if you’re changing everything else up. Even if the color scheme you have right now is going to change, the type of windows you choose matters.

Find Out If You Need Permits
For A Window Installation

This is a great question to ask your window contractor. The best contractors get permits, so you don’t have to worry about it. Contractors are aware of local building codes, so it’s natural for them to acquire the appropriate paperwork. Codes change often, which is why it’s important for professionals to stay up to date and take care of this sort of thing for their customers. But it’s not safe to assume they will because it’s possible they expect you to take care of it.

Are You Doing Any Further Remodeling
Beyond Your Replacement Windows?

This is important to decide beforehand. If you want to remodel other parts of your home, the order that these projects need to be done may change when your windows should be replaced. Home additions make things even more complicated because what is an exterior wall now may be an interior wall after an addition.

Interested in getting your windows replaced in Hanover, NH? Call Jancewicz & Son today at 800-281-3585 for a free consultation. We’re always happy to talk about any issues that need to be addressed before we begin.

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