Longest-Lasting Specialty Shingles

What Type Of Specialty Shingle Lasts
The Longest In Hanover, NH?

Best Shingle Type To Ensure
Your Roof Lasts A Lifetime

Specialty shingles in Hanover, NH are a gorgeous way to improve the overall aesthetic of your home. But they can also extend the lifespan of your roof. While some specialty shingles may only last a couple of decades, others will still be standing for generations to come.

Jancewicz & Son installs a variety of designer shingles, many lasting around 50 years, so we’re not particularly biased – we just want people to have exceptional roofs. That’s why we’re always happy to share the expected lifespan of different options and how they can benefit you.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Lasts
25 Years To A Lifetime

The most common type of specialty shingles is asphalt shingle roofing, which also means there are the most brands selling their roofing. The life expectancy range for this type depends on a variety of factors, including the installation company you choose, the manufacturer you choose, and the specific style you choose.

Asphalt shingles are definitely one of the cheapest types of shingles because the standard options have warranties of around 30 years. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be high-end.

In fact, there are many designer and luxury asphalt shingle products that have lifetime warranties available. Jancewicz & Son loves offering this type of shingle for those who want to stick with classic asphalt but want to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Cedar Speciality Shingles And Wood
Shakes Last 30 To 50 Years

It’s no secret that cedar shingles are a gorgeous way to roof your home, but did you know that they are a surprisingly long-lasting option? One thing that turns people away from cedar shingles is that they believe that cedar isn’t durable. However, cedar shake shingles are often treated to be flame retardant or moss and lichen-resistant and are as durable as many other roofing types due to this treatment.

If you’re looking for cedar shingle installers in Grafton County, your options are limited. Thankfully, Jancewicz & Son is the only certified Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau Installer in Vermont and one of two in New Hampshire. We are a reputable company that has been around since 1933, so you know you can trust us.

Metal Shingles Are A Sought After Shingle Type
Because Of Its 50 Year Lifespan

For some of the longest-lasting shingles on the market, consider metal specialty shingles. While standing seam metal roofing is an amazing option, metal shingles offer a different look with all of the greatest advantages. Metal shingles don’t crack, split, or break thanks to a four-way locking system that resists the elements.

Even if you don’t like the look of metal, that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right designer shingle for your home. You can get metal shingles that look like asphalt, cedar, or even slate. These are the most versatile types of shingles available due to their flexibility in style, color, and texture. People may be surprised that your roof is metal if you choose one of the specialty shingle options.

Slate Tile/ Designer Shingles Last The Longest
Of Any Type At Around 100 Years

It’s unlikely that your natural slate roof will need to be replaced for at least 75 years. Though usually called “tile roofing,” slate roofing works similarly to shingles but is installed differently. They must have nail holes punched carefully with a specialized tool so that the pieces don’t crack and gaps aren’t left for water to leak through.

If installed properly, slate roofing lasts longer than a lifetime, is fireproof, is impermeable to water, and has the highest storm resistance of any material. It’s no wonder this roofing material lasts forever. But it’s not just durable; it looks stunning on any home with an old-world feel that is difficult to beat in terms of aesthetics.

To find the perfect specialty shingles for your Hanover, NH home, call Jancewicz & Son today at 1-800-281-3585 for your free estimate. We offer an array of home renovation services, including various roofing options, windows and doors, and even general remodeling.

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