Luxuries That Come From Building A Deck in Vermont

Have you been thinking of adding a deck to your home but just aren’t sure if it’s worth the investment yet? Well, maybe you haven’t thought of all of the luxuries that come along with owning a deck. A deck is well worth the investment in time and money but what about the pure luxuries that come along with owning a deck of your own?

Increase Usable Living Space

Imagine being able to add usable living space and actual square footage to your home without adding on? That’s exactly what a deck does. It provides you with an entirely new area of space to use. If it is built properly, a deck is simply a continuation of your home.

The area where you choose to place your deck will ultimately determine which room or area in your home becomes more usable and enlarged. Placing your deck on an area of your home where you greet guests will make it a gathering place that you linger at; like off of your living room or family room. Placing your deck off of the kitchen is a good idea if you intend to use it for dinging and coking (which is a great idea). This extends the usable area of your dining room or kitchen.

In order to do this, you might also need to install a door leading out to your deck.  Look for a deck builder that also specializes in exterior door installation in Vermont.

Entertainment Opportunities Galore

The possibilities of entertainment options for your deck are endless. From a small, intimate area for a couple to enjoy outdoor dining and conversations to multi-levels for the hosting of large, expansive gatherings of friends. The options for turning your deck into an entertainment area to be envied are endless. Even smaller, simple decks can benefit from built-in benches all the way around. For more extensive and luxurious deck projects you can add an outdoor fireplace, a hot tub, or a lit dining area with shaded tables suitable for day or night use.

Completely Change The Look Of Your Home

Adding a deck will change the flow and usability of the inside of your home but it will also change the entire look of the outside of your home, including the curb appeal. A home with a deck stands out in any neighborhood. Decks are a symbol of fun and togetherness, enjoyment of the outdoors, and pride in your home. You can customize your deck to reflect your own taste and personal style.

A deck builder in Vermont can completely transform your home by increasing your home’s usable square footage and curb appeal and giving you a luxurious new entertainment space. Jancewicz and Son installs decks and exterior doors so give us a call today and start enjoying the luxuries of a brand new deck on your home.

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