Metal Roofing: A Perfect Choice In New Hampshire

Metal Roofing: A Perfect Choice In New Hampshire

When you get ready to choose what kind of roof to replace your old roof with, or if you are building a new house, you will want to consider a metal roof. The wintertime in New England is the first reason that you will want a metal roof in New Hampshire. The durability of a metal roof makes it the perfect choice. Metal roofs are made to endure the extreme temperatures and winds that are common in this area. The last thing you want for your new roof replacement is to find out in the middle of a cold winter that you need to repair your roof. You will not have to worry about this with a metal roof. Metal roofs are made to be worry-free. 

Why So Popular?

Why are metal roofs so popular? The reasons that metal roofs in New Hampshire are so popular are many. One reason metal roofs are so popular is the longevity of a metal roof. Most homeowners do not like to think about their roof. The best thing about a metal roof is you never have to think about it. It lasts for years and years and has an awesome warranty. Another reason that metal roofs are so popular is the energy efficiency of a metal roof in New Hampshire. With the heating and cooling costs today, it is very important to homeowners to save money on their energy bills. Metal roofs reflect the sun in the summertime so that cooling your home is much easier. This is a very important feature to a homeowner that is environmentally aware; metal is not made from trees and they don’t have to be replaced as often. Most consumers like to make choices that are good for our environment


You might not think you would have style choices when you choose a metal roof but you do have many choices. One choice to consider is standing seam metal roofing, a beautiful choice that will last for years and years. One of the favorite features of a standing seam metal roof is, unlike some metal roofs, it has no exposed fasteners so it prevents any damage that weather can do to some metal roofs with exposed fasteners. It also is more beautiful because there are no unsightly screws or fasteners. Another choice you might like when choosing your metal roof is a metal shingle roof. Metal shingle roofs come in many styles. You can choose from metal shingles that look like wood, asphalt, slate, or even copper. Metal shingles are a way to give your home that look you want from shingles but the long-lasting, ease of maintenance that a metal roof is so popular for.


We can’t talk about metal roofs without talking about color. The choices in colors for metal roofs are almost endless. You can choose your favorite roof color that accentuates the color of your home and adds a seamless gutter installation to complete the look you have dreamed of for your perfect home. Whatever color combination you can dream up, a metal roof will look great in your color choices.

When you are ready to choose the perfect metal roof for your home, Jancewicz & Son is your metal roof expert. We can guide you through the choices that will make your metal roof meet all your expectations. If you want a high-quality, metal roof installed by experienced metal roof installers, call today for your free consultation.

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