More Options for Your Exterior Door Installation

New Hampshire Exterior Door Installation

No matter what decision you’re making, it helps to have options. No one wants to be pushed into settling for something that they don’t really want because it’s the only viable choice. But when it comes to exterior door installation in New Hampshire, many companies will expect just that, by pushing one particular product or brand as the best option. 

At Jancewicz & Son, we offer a number of different exterior door options and we stand by them all. There’s no “one door fits all.” You simply have to choose the best one for your home.


Fiberglass door systems are becoming a more and more popular choice for a few reasons. When they’re well-made, they’re hardy and durable like steel, which boosts the security of your home. They also have the capacity to outperform both steel and wood in terms of energy efficiency, saving you money on your energy bills and adding to the value of your home. On top of those benefits, when you choose a truly excellent manufacturer, like Therma-Tru, they come in a stunning appearance. Here again, you’ll have options. Therma-Tru doors come in a wide variety of styles and stains. What they all have in common is their truly spectacular durability and energy efficiency.


No matter how technology changes, nothing will ever beat the classic elegance of wood when it comes to looks. In fact, many other door materials even go so far as trying to mimic the look of wood. We work with Andersen, who still keeps wood at the core of every door they make. They often use materials like fiberglass or aluminium in the exteriors of their entry and patio doors in order to strengthen and protect them from harsh New Hampshire weather. The genuine look and feel of wood, however, never goes away.

Patio Doors and Storm Doors

Not every exterior door installation you have will be an entry door. Patio doors are a great way to add light and extended outdoor views into your indoor space. They can even be energy efficient, using sunlight to light the room rather than relying on electricity inside your home. They’re also excellent stylistic choices for the design of your home, both on the exterior and interior.

Storm doors, on the other hand, will ensure that the extremes of New England weather stay out of your home. They add insulation, and even extra security, as well as ensuring a long and healthy life for your entry doors. Harvey Industry Doors specializes in impact-resistant storm and patio doors that can withstand whatever the weather throws their way.

Want to learn more about your different options for exterior door installation in New Hampshire? Contact Jancewicz & Son today.

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