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What Are The Most Popular Type Of
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Specialty shingles in Norwich, VT come in a wide variety, each with a unique set of benefits. Some of these shingles are more popular than others due to style, energy efficiency, and the price of installing the shingles.

Learning about which specialty shingles are most popular may help you make your decision when choosing your shingle type. Jancewicz & Son has installed shingle roofing in Windsor County for over 90 years, so we love talking about which type is trending in the area.

Most Popular Material For Roof Shingles

Asphalt shingle roofing is the most popular material for shingles. They are reliable and versatile, with options available in a large color range, thickness, and style. They also have the cheapest options available, though some of the cheaper options have the shortest lifespan. The highest-grade asphalt shingles come with a lifetime warranty.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are becoming more popular due to the extremely long lifespan of the material. Many options grant lifetime warranties, letting you know just how durable metal roofing can be.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shake shingles are a beautiful way to dress up your home. Though not a popular choice, they make your home stand out in the best way possible while still providing a durable barrier if treated.


Slate shingles are also called slate tiles. They are the most durable option, with natural slate lasting at least 50 years but likely closer to 100 years.

Composite Slate and Shake

Composite slate and composite cedar shake are gaining popularity in the roofing market, offering the look of a real slate or cedar roof for less than real slate or cedar. Backed by some of the best warranties in the industry, composite products typically come with a lifetime warranty and little to no maintenance requirements.

Most Popular Style For Specialty Shingles

Architectural shingles are the most popular type. That’s because they are right in the middle of quality and affordability. All three types are quality shingles, though architectural and designer shingles are higher-end.

  • 3-Tab – a simple design that is extremely affordable with a brick-like pattern that is flat rather than 3-dimensional.
  • Architectural – a dimensional type of shingle that is thicker and more durable. They have a sleek yet attractively uneven look.
  • Designer – premium shingles that are thicker and more textured than other types, often with curved edges to add to the appeal.

Most Popular Brand Of Roof Shingles

CertainTeed and GAF are the most popular brands of roof shingles. Both of these brands are popular asphalt shingle brands for a reason. But when it comes to shingles that aren’t asphalt, it’s time to branch out.

Metal shingles by Englert, Inc. come with a lifetime warranty. They can look just like high-quality slate, asphalt, or cedar.

Brand for cedar shingles doesn’t matter as much as certifications, such as one from the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau, which grants labels to cedar shingles.

Most Popular Features Specialty Shingles

When looking for specialty shingles, it’s important to think outside the box. Choosing shingles is more than just about brand, style, or material. It’s about how they benefit your home and which priorities you have.

Energy Costs

The right shingle roofing can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. The material you use affects this, but so does the installation. Ensure that your shingles have good energy ratings and that you hire a qualified team to do the job.


The lifespan of your shingle roofing will make the biggest difference in the overall cost of your roofing. The longer the lifespan, the fewer replacements and repairs you need, and thus, the less you will spend on roofing over your lifetime.


Some shingles are easier to customize with shape and color than others. For example, metal shingles are easy to find in very unique styles, while slate roofing generally looks like slate. That is perfectly fine for those who love the look of slate, but it’s something to keep in mind while you search.


Versatility in terms of which type of roof the shingles work for. If you have a lot of dormers or a flat roof, the options may be limited. Talk to your shingle roofing company to find out which options are available for your project.

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Jancewicz & Son has assisted countless homeowners over the years in finding the best shingles for their individual homes. We listen to your needs, assess your roof, and offer the best solution for your needs.

For exceptional specialty shingles in Norwich, VT, call Jancewicz & Son today at 800-281-3585 for a free estimate. We offer a variety of home remodeling services, and roof shingles are just one of them.

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